It’s false to assert that President Lungu was not welcomed by Residents of Mufulira

Chairperson of the Copperbelt Caucus of Members of Parliament Evans Chibanda
Chairperson of the Copperbelt Caucus of Members of Parliament Evans Chibanda

Chairperson of the Copperbelt Caucus of Members of Parliament Evans Chibanda has dispelled social media assertions that President Edgar Lungu was not welcomed by residents of Mufulira.

Dr. Chibanda, who is also Mufulira Central Member of Parliament, says President LUNGU only used Shinde Stadium as his landing Bay and had no engagement at the ground.

He says the lies being peddled that the stadium was empty are cheap and meant to discredit the ruling party.

Dr. Chibanda says a few months ago, PF Copperbelt Mobilization Committee Chairperson Bowman Lusambo filled Shinde Stadium when he addressed a mobilization rally and President Lungu cannot fail to attract massive crowds there.

The Mufulira Central lawmaker says the UPND and its surrogates on social media must brace themselves for more shock when the Patriotic Front starts holding mammoth rallies soon.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt PF Mobilisation Chairperson Bowman Lusambo says there is enough evidence to show that the presidential motorcade struggled to navigate through the crowds that had lined up to cheer President LUNGU as he toured Mufulira.

And Mr. Lusambo says there is no need to be-labour the point that President Lungu remains highly popular across the Copperbelt including in Mufulira.

He has declared that the PF will get all the 22 seats in the Province including the 3 in Mufulira.

Mr. Lusambo says it is the same Mufulira and Shinde Stadium that he managed to fill up to the brim barely a few months ago during a PF mobilization concert.

He says the Zambian people know what is best for the nation and that they will vote for President Lungu again.

Mr. Lusambo says by attempting to ignore key statements the President made whilst on the Copperbelt around the long term sustainability of the mining sector and the rehabilitation of the strategic roads in the Province, the people peddling false information about the tour are merely trying to brew a storm from a tea cup.


  1. Cry of help! help! by a patient in ICU when there are no doctors or medicine to save the poor soul.

  2. Upnd should know that they cannot win elections on social media. They are a tribal party and there’s nothing they can do to change that. You must use your own efforts as a party to win elections. My advise to Upnd and it’s poor vision leadership is that they must work on their popularity to win elections, not depending on people not attending Lungu’s meeting, and to you that means people want Upnd! Those are theories not even a fifth grader can find difficult to see sense in.

  3. These are the lies upnd tell themselves to make themselves feel better about their pathetic and sad lives. They have lost election over 6 times and yet they still deflect this as a problem caused by their opponents. Remember that our president was once a member of upnd. He left due to the rife tribalism.

  4. Damage control. The stadium was empty, and strategically trying to change the language to the stadium being a landing pad. I am a Mufulira resident and I did not welcome here, so I am not sure why we are being forced to say we welcomed him, no we did not welcome

  5. Kikikikikiki…Indeed the truth pains. Imwe ba koswe mu PF, why then did you suspend Royd bwalya, your senior member, in charge of organizing the same rally? Anyway, your own Davies mwila has admitted that what happened in mafukeni was embarrassing to Lungu.

  6. Tough being a PF cadre, with video images of an empty stadium and students being bribed to show up for lungu as a cadre you still find excuses and deny hard facts. The party SG told ECL was embarrassed. Please sit down and face the reality that ECL is no longer sealable like he was, too much corruption and the post is too big for him.

  7. Ba Pf dont think that mufulira filya yali efyoyaba mwibepwa like the way you lie lungu that people of mufulira who vote for him maybe few people but bane 2021 yakwa HH………. Zambia forward

  8. From what i have witnessed lately, i think the majority residents of MY HOME TOWN MUFULIRA to be precise are keen on changing the govrnment of the day and ngaule talika visit kankoyo constituency.

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