Tuesday, June 25, 2024

50 girls retrieved from marriages in Gwembe


More than 150 girls who were married off at a tender age in Gwembe district, Southern Province have been retrieved from their marriages under the Keeping Girls in School (KGS) initiative.

And the Ministry of General Education says the girls will retain to school when schools open on January 18th, this year.

Gwembe District Education Board Secretary, (DEBS) Benson Zemba said the girls were identified in Chipepo and Munyumbwe chiefdoms.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Gwembe today, Mr. Zemba said the government is determined to empower vulnerable girls in the country through the Keeping Girls in School project.

“Through this scheme, the government will economically and support the girls who find themselves in undesirable marriages,” Mr. Zemba said.

Mr Zemba commended Chief Chipepo and Munyumbwe who have been supporting the (KGS) programme in their Chiefdoms.

The KGS is a World Bank funded project aimed at empowering women and keeping girls in school.

Meanwhile, the DEBS has disclosed that Gwembe has received 4,210 face masks, 330 hand washing soap, 66 buckets, 33 thermometers and an assortment of hand sanitizers that will evenly be distributed in all schools in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Zemba warned the school authorities against abusing the facilities as doing so is frustrating government efforts to win the fight on coronavirus.

He advised the beneficiaries to adhere to public health Act guidelines on the dangers of this infectious disease by sanitizing, masking up always and maintaining social distance to avoid it from spreading further.

Gwembe has so far recorded over 10 positive cases of Covid-19 while measures are being heightened by the ministry of health.


  1. We expect upnd to be talking loudly about such vices happening in their strongholds and finding solutions rather than spending all their time accusing the government for things they cannot substantiate.

  2. In the land of the bible called Israel prostitution is legal, Zambia should follow suit since they follow the bible ways. That will make sex mongering safer for all involved. The prostitutes in Zambia are not screened for diseases most of them are HIV+ and infect a lot of men everyday, ( NOT SAYING THAT THE MEN ARE ALL INNOCENT AND DISEASE FREE)
    ZP are the biggest culprits that r a p e street women, On night patrols they go out and pretend catching the girls but end up r a p i n g them instead and take their money.., then, they let them go ahead and do their business as usual since most of the street girls\women are the breadwinners of single parenting households full of children and orphaned relatives

  3. No wonder the birth rate is very high. On New Year’s day alone 1000 babies were born countrywide. Even the underage are giving birth

    • You will find out that even those born between 25th and 31st December were added to the list in order to receive New Year’s gift. Uleyangala na corruption ne nsala iwee.

  4. I can only see 150 humble families that have been destroyed. This so called education is eroding our values. If its very important let’s incoparate it into our culture were people can be happily married and still attending the so called school. Otherwise we are busy graduating thieves and murderers and the evidence is overwhelming.

  5. Think better, this should read:
    “50 dirty men resort to fvck cows after losing innocent girls”.
    Why do you glorify disgusting marriages?

  6. The writer of this piece is illiterate or something; how does 50 girls (in the headline) become 150 girls? What does s/he mean by the girls have been retained to school? “Through this scheme, the government will and economically support ……” ‘….masking up always and maintaining social distance to avoid it from spreading further’ Really and there is no editor for online news!

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