AVAP welcomes Chilufya sacking

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya
Former Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

A Non – Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Northern Province has commended President Edgar Lungu for terminating the appointment of Chitalu Chilufya as Health Minister.

Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Provincial Coordinator, Amos Muselema says his organization has welcomed the move taken by the Head of State.

Mr Muselema states that the termination of the contract of Dr. Chilufya will restore confidence among stakeholders in the health sector.

He noted that what has been happening in the ministry of health in the recent past leaves much to be desired.

Mr. Muselema explained that the procurement of substandard drugs and other medical supplies by the ministry had put the lives of many Zambians at risk.

“We commend President Lungu for the gesture because it has been long overdue,” he says.

The AVAP Regional Coordinator adds that the decision by President Lungu is timely ,saying that revelations in the auditors general’s report over substandard drugs and medical supplies being procured by the Ministry of Health have been going on for some time now

Mr Muselema has since called for the prosecution of all those involved in the scandal.


  1. I have read a lot about the sack being overdue. When was it due? Let us try to be fair, at what point should the president dismiss ministers in this world full of accusations? Take into consideration that the PF has only 100 MPs to select the 39 ministers from since UPND are not willing and that you can only appoint from parliament. Mathematically all MPs would have been in prison including rebel UPND. hope someone is getting me.

  2. The President has done the right thing. He became so arrogant as though he was an appointing authority. This action should be extended to other ministries to weed out technocrats who are in the habit of plundering public resources. Dr. Jonas Chanda is proving to be sober judging from the few months he has been at Environment Ministry and assure he wont disappoint the appointing authority and the Zambian people during he few remaining months of PF regime. Ba Kilufya Kitalu should sober up and reflect on his actions. Arrogance does not help matters

  3. Hired guns are filthy. This was all planned and you are just trying to make it look real ba ngwele. Its all fake and stage planned.

  4. Suspension was going to be better, so that he could properly assist with investigations, now that he has been fired he will feel he has nothing to loose and wont cooperate, and you know how weak our investigating agencies are in Zambia. Always be tactical

  5. Are we still talking about this? Move on. We have important matters to deal with than continue talking about a matter which is being investigated. Grow up chule iwe

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