Fichite Not A Prison Leopard Coach Says Zambia Correctional Services


The Zambia Correctional Service has stated that convicted child defiler and former footballer Dudley Fichite is not an appointed member of the coaching bench at their sponsored club Prison Leopards.

On January 7, FAZ officially wrote to Prison Leopards to withdraw Fichite from his technical role on the teams’ bench.

Fichite has since 2018 been serving a life sentence at Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility in Kabwe where the club is based.

Zambia Correctional Services Commissioner General Dr Chisela Chileshe said Fichite was undergoing rehabilitation in accordance with the law and was passing on his football knowledge as any other craftsman inmate would do with other vocational skill like bricklaying and carpentry.

“We are a correctional service under Cap 97 that is constitutionally instituted to carry out correctional programs, rehabilitation programs,”Dr Chileshe said.

“We are a bit disappointed that even when Dudley isn’t even nowhere near or attached to the team, that we can be written a letter that we should withdraw him.

“On what basis should we withdraw somebody who is not appointed to a team?

“But rather he is just engaged to ensure that he gives his skills because FAZ has names of those on the technical bench of those that are appointed and given that mandate.

“So, when this particular person, who is an inmate, is attached to do his rehabilitation programs, it becomes a problem.

“I should emphasize we don’t condone the criminality but we want to help to ensure that Zambia is secured through the rehabilitation programs so that the 3000 or 4000 inmates that see themselves out through amnesty, through pardons, through finishing their sentences, are better citizens that will not re-offend.”


  1. Ubufi1 just because you’ve been caught you start lying that he wasnt on your bench. You start appealing to emotions of “we have to rehabilitate people”. Well you should have been open about it. You even beat Nkana with a prisoner on your bench. We want our points back!

  2. How is the hospilized Kampyongo, minister for prisons doing?
    We are few who care about that sober short PF minister.

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