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ACC probing Honey Bee Pharmacy


The Anti-Corruption Commission says it has been investigating suspected corruption in the manner in which Honeybee Pharmacy was awarded a contract by the Ministry of Health to supply Medical Kits since August 2020.

The investigations were instituted arising from information received from a named stakeholder.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono says a number of witnesses and suspects have been interviewed and investigations have since reached an advanced stage.

Mr. Moono anticipates that the investigations will be concluded soon.

Several individuals and entities have in the past few days called upon the Commission to pursue this matter.

“The ACC wishes to inform the public that following revelations of suspected corruption in the manner Honeybee Pharmacy was awarded a contract by the Ministry of Health to supply medical kits, the Commission has been investigating the above allegations since August, 2020. A number of witnesses and suspects have been interviewed and investigations have since reached an advanced stage. The Commission anticipates that the investigations will be concluded soon.”

Several individuals and entities have in the past few days called upon the Commission to pursue this matter. The Commission wishes to assure the public that it will not relent to bring to book any persons or entities that will be found involved in the corrupt activities,” stated Mr. Moono


  1. Rubbish!
    How long ago has information been in the public domain? The AG report cited this case last year and you did nothing.
    We know that owners of honeybee are linked to state house. This is going nowhere! Just another ain public show to try and sanitize lungu.
    If I was at ACC I would resign on moral grounds. But unfortunately in zambia, very few people know anything about morality.

  2. so as you were busy ‘investigating’, people were being poisoned and you had to wait for investigations to conclude?
    I thought if lives are involved, swift interventions are key.
    By the way, where have you the spokesperson been, when your institution was under attack during public outcry?

  3. We investigate and when we take
    The matter to court we again say
    He is innocent. So waste time
    Investigating and court time.

  4. Problem in Zambia, our views are prejudiced. How do you convict the suspects without evidence in a Court of Law?? We supported hh calls for the 2016 election being rigged while he and his upnd failed lamentably to provide a single shred of evidence. Every opposition donkey wants the suspects to say the president is involved. When other people are convicted, ati shielding the president. The president himself did point out that ACC needs reform as they only concentrate on political figures while tender corruption remains rife when he opened a market on the C/Belt whose construction was over-inflated.

  5. Please stop playing games with people’s lives. A very senior Government official that masquerades as a lawyer has written to threaten the very institutions that are key witnesses in this case. So ACC how do you expect to make headway in your investigations? The PF syndicate can only be dismantled with the removal of its head otherwise we’re wasting our time

  6. Just ship up. What a useless organization you are. We all know who is behind the Honeybee scandal and this case is not going anywhere.

  7. Honestly ba Mono and your team at ACC, can you investigate the friend to the president. You are just good at investigating to ma petty issues of medical certificates for poor health workers trying to make ends meet

  8. ACC, DEC, ZP need serious reform!! In their current form, they can’t fight white collar crime. That’s why hh is free to mingle despite failing to account for his riches he accumulated during privatisation, look at how they have handled the Saturnia pensions scandal??? The proposal by Bill 10 to reform and combine the DEC and FIC into an economics crime fighting unit should have been supported together with a serious shake up, reorganisation and upgrading of ZP and ACC. But in Zambia, we just like to whine and complain, support wrong things and forget tomorrow as we settle into our comfort zones….

  9. It is far cheaper to replace ACC with Tayali. Rest of their budgetary allocation to be channelled to social cash transfer…

  10. ACC you’re just as the same as Honeybee. Who directs people or organization to investigate? Why do you want to look as if we are not seeing? There is nothing sacred about your investigations because you’re as rotten as the president.

  11. We in the top echelon of government know about this investigation since last year. Remember we cannot talk about investigation before its public knowledge as we don’t want to tip off the alleged perpetrators. We thank our law enforcement agencies for doing a good job thus far.

    Kwasala investigation into hh and privatisation. We are cleaning out the chaff from our country

  12. Time is the mother of everything, ask Trump.
    **method white zulu March 7, 2016**
    the seat for Wandi has not been comfortable since the former DG for auditor Generals office lashed at ACC last time , just few months ago, that whenver the OAG provided proof and documentation to ACC to probe ailing govt officers; documents went missing at ACC. tghat was a serious hit on the feet. Wandi cant stay with such an allegation, i cant stay neither. Wand’s job has been diificult since that time she decided to question winter when MCS was president. Wandi mwandi you have tried. go and pumula. u dd your best.

  13. State House Press aide Amos Chanda says it is highly likely that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) officers are following former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili at his house, since they have now concluded a corruption probe on him.
    President Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson told a Patriotic Front press group, following questions from members on whether it was true that Police and Intelligence officers were trailing the Roan member of parliament, as claimed.

  14. Trial in the corruption case where President Edgar Lungu’s former assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda is jointly charged with former RTSA boss Zindaba Soko and a Lebanese businessman has kicked off.
    Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) assistant Inspector of Companies under Compliance and Awareness Unit Patrick Chilekwa, 42, has testified before Lusaka chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale, saying Mr. Chanda’s co-accused Mr. Walid El Nahas ceased to be a director of Intelligent Mobility Services (IMS) on February 14, this year.

  15. Newly-impeached President Donald Trump is turning on some of his most trusted allies, and has reportedly ordered aides not to pay the legal fees of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, as mounting legal threats and isolation close in on the president from all sides.
    Trump expressed disappointment with some of Giuliani’s legal moves in challenging the election results, and did not appreciate his demand for $20,000 a day in the failed push, two officials told the Washington Post.

  16. In addition to whatever investigations u are doing, obtain copies of sales invoices for all medical supplies supplied by Honeybee from both Honeybee and their overseas suppliers. If the invoices tally, check tax returns for the suppliers and ensure details correspond with details being kept with their revenue authority. Check whether the prices of those medical supplies are market prices to ensure that Honeybee did not collect scraps/damages from suppliers.

  17. The ACC was only useful under the Mwanawasa administration. From the time Mwanawasa died it became useless, they only prosecute common citizens. Those connected to Plot 1 are not touched. In court they defended the same person who was fired a few days by the Head of State

  18. Only after the thief in State House isn’t there will you get anyway with this case….I mean if ACC was serious they would have investigated immediately the whistle-blower leaked this retail pharmacy winning a $17m contract.

  19. ACC is supposed to be independent of the Govt , reason why it’s useless and prove innocent citizens without power, rubbish institution.

  20. ACC is supposed to be independent of the Govt, reason why it’s useless and probe innocent citizens without power, rubbish institution.

  21. It’s not the intention of ACC to succeed. To them merely announcing publicly that they are investigating is enough.

  22. He means the ACC has always known about the case but was afraid to act. There has been no investigation. From August to now just to find out how a contract was awarded?

  23. The ACC in its current state can not successfully prosecute Honeybee Pharmacy, the matter looks small at the surface but very complex deep down. Honeybee Pharmacy Directors brought out a lot of allegations against other medical supplies who are said to have been paid and never delivered. The whole thing is umulilo.

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