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Government meeting today to review the COVID-19 preventive guidelines amid the surge


The government has said that it will review the COVID-19 preventive guidelines that were set in order to determine the way forward amidst a surge of cases in the second wave of the pandemic.

The multisectoral meeting which is scheduled for today will determine the way forward in regards to opening of schools as well as other socioeconomic factors.

Health Minister Dr Jonas Chanda disclosed the development yesterday when he held his first COVID-19 update in Lusaka.

He said the meeting will review the progress that has been made from the last presidential address where socioeconomic interventions were made but reiterated that there will be no lockdown to ensure the economy continues to run even amidst the pandemic.

“There is hope that Zambia will overcome COVID-19. This pandemic is not the fight for government alone or the ministry of health but on an individual level let’s adhere to the five golden rules” Dr. Chanda said and called for heightened masking up, physical distancing and avoidance of unnecessary crowds in ‘pandemic super spreaders’ such as weddings and bars.

And Dr Chanda has pledged to restore public confidence in the provision of health sector services and assured of total transparency and accountability.

And regarding the much talked about COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Chanda assured that government will ensure that the vaccine that will come into the county will be of good quality that will meet all the World Health Organization guidelines and standards and further encouraged more research on both traditional and conventional treatment of the pandemic.

He said a more comprehensive statement will soon be issued on all matters and concerns relating to the vaccine and when its will be available in the country.

Meanwhile, Zambia recorded 1,343 new cases out of the 11,302 representing a 12% positivity rate, Dr Chanda disclosed.


  1. He seems to be headed in the right direction. We’re just monitoring who’s going to his office, some people don’t mean well.

  2. Schools should remain closed till further notice. Remember this is the second wave of the pandemic we are dealing with

  3. My advise to you is;
    Make wearing of masks compulsory
    Close the bars, Liquor restaurants, markets for a period of time and if possible impose a curfew from 20 00 hrs. to 05 00am.
    Restrict number of people attending funerals, weddings and church gatherings.
    If you continue those media stunts, people are going to die in numbers.

  4. My advice is to close schools bars restaurants until further notice cause the cases are increasing by bigger number everyday .And when all these open we don’t know what will happen people comes from different communities we don’t know who can carry the virus and many will be affected so we need to make sure that no one is affected

  5. It is because upnd is paying their cadres to risk flouting rules in hope that it spreads and collapses our economy. We wont allow such behaviour and urge our brother lusambo to continue whlpping these f00ls. The next stop should be hh house to whlp him and his f00lish mps

  6. Let’s pray to all might father in heaven to protect us. social distance mask up vaccine lockdown they are all from humanity but not God,just trust in God that’s all

  7. schools not open on 18th January 2021 because of 2 major reasons,
    The first reason is about the Deadly pandemic COVID 19 which is spreading so fast in our Communities affecting everyone including Teachers, Nurses, Doctors just to mention a few. The Ministry of Health has serious warned that the second wave is so deadly and has hit almost all parts of the Country.

    The second reason for not opening Schools is because of Floods, we have experienced floods in many parts of the country since December last year. The Zambia Metrology Department has been warning about possible Floods in many parts of the country and truly we have seen destruction of Schools, Bridges and other infrastructure due to heavy rains since the onset last year. Floods are Natural phenomenon which we cannot have so…

  8. Has Ba Edgar got vaccinated, he likes going out for unnecessary campaigns? We are losing prominent people in society, latest being a Tonga Catholic bishop (he prayed for us), it is scary and saddening.

  9. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Jonas Chanda on your appointment as Minister Health.Please Weed out Corruption be in the Health Sector and save the people by of Zambia deligently.We wish you God’s guidance and blessings all the way.

  10. CLOSE ALL BARS AND BAN THE SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF ALCOHOL, CLOSE CHURCHES …..Let them use Zoom. Jehovah’s witnesses have ben using since the first wave . If the greed pastors want contributions they can use airtel, mtn etc. For miracles , we shall be touching the screens of our tvs, laptops and cellphones.

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