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It’s not Dress Code but a National Dress-Sumaili


Government says it is not considering introducing a National Dress Code.

In a statement, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili says the reported in the Daily Mail was a misrepresentation.

Reverend Sumaili said what is being considered is a National Dress which will be introduced after extensive consultations with stakeholders.

She said her Ministry cannot impose a National Dress on the citizenry.

Reverend Sumaili said the debate in the Dress Code is out of context and premature to be a topic currently in the midst of other national challenges such as the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Useless woman…she has been quiet all along on honeybee debacle where people have been given defective medicines but she wants to guidance on dress code.

  2. Dress code does not stop people from supplying substandard drugs, buying wheelborrows for fire engines, building substandard infrastructure and get kickbacks!! Certainly dressing up and portraying sad faces does not make one humble or visionary!! So just stop the nonsense and show some leadership in instilling integrity, visionary and focused leadership!!!

  3. She is right, this is not a week to discuss G-strings or underpants’-less. Some fuuls even brought up KCM. It is covid month.
    I prefer Ba Sumaili to comment on complaints that PF’s green Honey Bee condoms. How did PF secretariat prove that the green condoms are of low quality, hence disposing off Chilufya?
    This is HEALTH week…

  4. Ichisungu. I think we need to start making statements in all local languages. A national dress is different from dress code ba upnd. I saw mostly women who are slay queens were agitated by the thought of a dress code because they rely on their nakedness to make a living. A national dress is welcome as most countries in the world have a traditional national outfit. We need an outfit that encompasses all tribes.

  5. 2 innocent civilians were executed in broad daylight , did the silly woman say anything ???

    Human life does not matter to this silly woman…….

  6. Why are PF youths getting jobs to wash dead bodies at mortuaries? or are they make-shift places?
    These are the issues Ba Sumaili, Mumbi and Ba Ester should be rushing to go check herself. This is getting out of our culture.

  7. KZ list me countries that have a national dress.

    This stupid daft minister should put her focus on the honeybee scandal. How many women have been affected by the damaged condoms.

    A total waste of space ministry

  8. This woman is shifty and just lying to deny this now. There is nothing like a National Dress that needs discussing. She was very clear that she wanted to prevent rapes because of the way women dress these days so it is a dress code she meant.
    She is now denying because she has realised how people especially women dislike her nonsense. Believe, this is the end of it and its going nowhere!!

  9. Declare Zambia a Christian nation in the constitution, then remove this ministry. It appears to be a useless one. I have always supported it thinking it will have someone at its helm that will advocate for decent politicians. In the ruling party and the opposition, plus independents. Why do they want a national dress? Why not a national drive in education? Someone write your MPs and tell them to start thinking.

  10. Useless institutions no value to economy you will see 2021 you failed to comment properly on the killings of the two citizens

  11. KZ

    “…… A national dress is welcome as most countries in the world have a traditional national outfit. We need an outfit that encompasses all tribes….”

    Since your Ka boss has failed to open mulugushi textiles , or revamp the textile industry , looks like your dress code will be made in China…..

  12. It will be very difficult to impose some moderate dress for Zambian women, its too late. I remember sometime back call boys used to impose their own sharia law on women who were seen dressed indecently dressed. What followed next women went up in arms and demonstrated at Zambia Police HQ condemning the action of call boys in town. I don’t know how Hon. Godfridah Sumaili is going to manage that initiative and make it a success knowing that in four months time she will be out of office. There are a lot of factors that are influencing our ladies dressing, especially the foreign TV contents. Our women have simply gone multi cultural. Look at huge sums of money being spent on artificial hair, ifitambla has become old fashioned, ma half pitikoti ama company which you used to make them have…

  13. Talk about serious issues, not this dress issues. You and your government has made the poor people even poorer, they can even afford to have a decent meal a day, and you are busy dress code or what ever. people are so poor yet you want find a naked person on the streets. ati dress code si ma laaabeesh

  14. Is this part of the remit of this irrelevant ministry? National dress – then what? Ask people to ‘humbly’ adopt it? What a waste of time. We already have traditional attire in all corners of the country which people have a choice to adorn or not. In any case, people can wear whatever they want as long as it’s not indecent (as defined by the law, by the way, not the ‘fashion police’) This ministry is surely a waste of resources.

  15. The first ministry to be shut down after August 2021 should be this one and THIS should be a matter of priority, not the dress code.

  16. Neither the misquoted or new correction make sense. Leave the population alone. Disband this ministry. There is already a way in which we dress as Zambians. There are other urgent matters to adopt, like respecting the women and giving confidence and dignity to the young people with job opportunities and community activity! That is National Guidance.

  17. The problem is that hypocrits, thieves have taken over the political arena, hding in fake christianity, but meanwhile busy stealing government funds and womanizing! Aka mikanda lesa! You think ordinary Zambians have no eyes to see? You dont have to decrare the country a christian nation to be Christians in a country! Cyprus and Northern Ireland are full of christians but theres no such nonsense as “chrustian nation”! Thieves! And what is religious about ministry of relugious affairs. Just nonsense! Whats needed is to reduce the cost of fuel and nonsense about dress code. People are hungry and you are bring such nonsensical talk! Just because you have nothing to do. Involve yourself in food production, you are the elders contributing to laziness by young people because of talking…

  18. Just say national attire to avoid any misinterprentation. The noun “dress” is widely associated with women’s clothes, while attire is neutral.

  19. Is it just my observation that most PF zylots suffer from a severe mental disorder in which their thoughts and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality? Who in the middle of this COVID 19 pandemic, systematic stinking tribalism and run away kleptomaniac acts ravaging the government would waste time thinking of a so called ‘National Dress’? I mean, the PF already introduced one, ‘chintako, njenje or ubwamba, that is what they have done to Zambians. Besides, as Lozis, we already have our misisi and liziba, we have our national dress already.

  20. She thinks all Zambians are of low IQ that she can pivot without anyone seeing through her feeble reasoning for an excuse of being misquoted! Well Minister Sumaili, as both pastoral minister and governance minister, here is one @ Chilyata in a way letting you know your own true thoughts and who is not convinced with your explanation! Believe you me that many more Zambians understood exactly what you meant the first time! Maybe you could have said you were considering Independence Day celebrations dress code for all who gather in public places for celebrating activities! Remember late Kamuzu Banda had a grip on “dressing” in Malawi and what has happened since! National Dress Code is for Communist Regimes like North Korea as China and Cuba have relaxed on it!

  21. This woman needs a job description. Seriously you cant be talking about dress codes now when the country needs much to improve the conomy you chaps have looted. You can do better than this useless idea of your. I agree with one blogger who says the irrelevant ministry trying to be relevant but not knowing which strings to pull. If you have nothing to say just shut up. A national dress will not improve the economy if at all we still have one. Yesu akesa mikapa ifikoti mwe ba shetani hiding inhis name.

  22. Africans thank when three dress like the westerners than they are on top of it ? But than very quick to ask why the leachate is losing value to the dollar , And just for your information no country can develop depending on imports??

  23. We better leave that to traditional leader who are a better example and well place as role models especially when considering this issue.

  24. Some comments here are typica of people not brought up properly or are just outright low level calibre. The religious minister is not a politician to keep on talking about what has been stolen and what has not. The religious minister’s role is to look at faith and values of the nation. Most nations have an identity or something associated with the nation. If there is a suggestion of a “national dress” it does not mean that you will be forced to wear like that at gunpoint No. So for those who like to rubbish everything this time round you are criticising the wrong corner.

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