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Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa launches “WASH Covid Away” Campaign


Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa yesterday facilitated the launch of the “WASH Covid Away” Campaign in a bid to help curb Corona Virus in the city.

The Campaign was launched in partnership with Wash Zambia with an aim to disinfect over 50 public and private places throughout the city.

Speaking at the event Mr. Sampa said due to the continued rise in Covid 19 cases it is important now more than ever to find ways of keeping the people safe.

Mr. Sampa said by disinfecting these public places, WASH Zambia is helping not only their clients but all citizens in Lusaka to stay safe and Covid-19 free.

“The President’s message is that he does not want to lock the country because people will suffer economically, he wants you to be very careful and follow the covid 19 health guidelines, “Mr. Sampa said.

He has since assured the people of Lusaka that if they follow the guidelines of masking up, physical distancing and avoiding crowds among others, then fight against Covid 19 will be won and the head of state will not be compelled to lockdown the country.
“This new Covid 19 Variant has proven to be more deadly” he said.

The City father stated that many front-line and essential workers are now put at risk of contracting the virus daily, hence the need for the general public to take Covid 19 prevention measures more seriously.

Mr. Sampa added that he believes in action and not just speaking, therefore commending WASH Zambia CEO Mr. Jonathan Kays and other WASH Zambia members for their contribution towards curbing the virus.

He further urged management at Kulima Tower to ensure that the bus station is kept clean, as well as shop owners to pick up garbage in their surroundings and refrain from littering.

Meanwhile, WASH Zambia has committed 1.5 million Kwacha towards this campaign with the aim of disinfecting over 50 public/private places and over 5000 private homes of individuals who are utilizing or using their services in Lusaka.

Wash Zambia Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Kays said his organization is committed to work with the Lusaka City Council towards ensuring the safety and welfare of the people of Lusaka and Zambia as a whole.


  1. That is where the problem is. Is that the way to fight the rising COVID infections in the country while allowing the super spreading events? Bars, Restaurants, Markets, Bus stations ,funerals and weddings.
    Let us go for the basics; Put emphasis on Social Distancing, Wear a mask, Wash your hands, stay at home if not feeling well.
    Look at the people around, watching without masks, not putting on PPE while cleaning the premises!
    Stop all these media stunts ba Sampa!

  2. Move in the right direction. All companies should come on board.corvid cannot be fought
    Alone.Media is very important in
    Sensitising the general public.

  3. Miles Sampa is very dull.
    How can disinfecting or cleaning stop a disease that primarily spreads though droplets in the air when a person speaks or breathes?
    The Simple solution is mask wearing and social distancing.
    Not that nonsense.

  4. Please use science to fight this disease, we need to stop this show for the camera, consult science and fight the disease.

  5. When I said miles is a very childish boy I was called all sorts of names. The problem with miles is that he has become addicted to social media following such that everything he does it’s for following on his useless boba TV. The only effective fight of covid by an individual is the bowman effect. Miles was busy slambering on his honeymoon in the wake of a pandemic ravaging a city he claims to work for. I cannot fathom how nchimmy is managing with such childish behaviour because when her and I were very close she was very mature in her approach to life. I think due to age she was forced to settle with this clown. Women these days don’t marry who they love but rather who is available

  6. That is pure trial and error baba, shooting in wrong direction. Lusaka is the most affected city and requires a robust approach to mitigate the further spreading of the disease. Do a fast tracked mapping study to ascertain the most risky areas to contract the disease and implement a targeted approach. Data is vital, engage university, health and civil society professional researchers with a specific mandate to do the mapping of covid 19 infections. Is it in public transport, markets, work places, bars and restaurants etc. You can use a sample of recently infected persons to ascertain possible circumstances for infection. Explore these avenues bwana mayor and show strategic leadership.

  7. Sounds like spraying and cleaning Lusaka to prevent HIV/AIDS.
    Decongest those people around you first. Why do a mayor need a “Messenger” behind him? Send the man home to quarantine with his family.

  8. Clean Lumumba road of rubbish. Put bins and let no one just throw rubbish on the ground. Decongest Lumumba road by not trading on the streets.

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