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Lusaka records spike in diarrhoeal cases

Health Lusaka records spike in diarrhoeal cases

Lusaka Province has reported a spike in non-bloody diarrhoeal cases with over 1,000 recorded from October to December 2020.

And a public health specialist from the Provincial Health Office, Bushimbwa Tambatamba has attributed the increase in diarrhoeal cases to poor sanitation and flooding especially in the capital which recorded 633 out of the 1,289 cases that were recorded in the Province.

Dr. Tambatamba said during a virtual Epidemic Preparedness meeting that the Provincial health office through its health promotions department has been sensitizing members of the public to observe high standards of hygiene.

She stated that Chongwe recorded 187 while Kafue reported 182 cases of the waterborne diseases in the period under review.

Dr Tambatamba said 146 and 105 cases of non-bloody diarrhea were reported in Chirundu and Luangwa respectively.

She disclosed that Chilanga district recorded the lowest cases of diarrhoea with 36 cases.

And Dr Tambatamba has disclosed that 4,871 cases of malaria were recorded with Lusaka district reporting 2,157 in the last quarter of 2020.

She noted that the period under review is considered a peak as it records a high infestation of mosquitoes.

She stated that the Provincial health office has been distributing Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLN), spraying chemicals under the Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) programme and enhanced the case management of the disease at its health facilities.

“Nearly all the districts reached their targets except Lusaka which is at 82.9 percent.” she said.

Dr. Tambatamba said the district has been given more time to conclude the IRS programme.


  1. Hygiene is a personal responsibility, which many zambian unfortunately lack. It is the same with Corona restrictions. Many people especially those from upnd are flouting the rules. It is for this reason that my brother lusambo has no option but to whlp

    I feel for those with diarrhoea because I have had my fair share of this over the last year. Hangover with diarrhoea is hell. Get well soon

  2. That was last year, 2020.
    That PF thug who stole from Chitalu Chilufya under Honey Bee is using the famous PF criminals tricks. Did you it on a couch with a drip in his fore-skin? The same trick that PF commander Kalimanshi uses to avoid being arrested.
    Those diarrhea patients need drips, but medical equipment are in PF thugs’ living room, using to avoid arrests. idyots.

  3. Muno nyela muno siya kwateni. Hani sika bona kale batu baba komilwe ki mutabani cwana manyai tuna, mwalu nunkiseza!

  4. When you lay down with dogs, you should not be surprised to wake up with fleas with your skin itchy all over. Even Kainyokolola Zulu, Jameson Lungu’s most loyal and sycophantic supporter, will sooner than later find out it does not pay to cozy with Lungu, the lowest of scums ever.

  5. Lusaka is sitting on a ticking time b0mb called soak away. The lack of planning for sewer systems will come back to haunt this city the same way you are guaranteed diarrhoea when you drink tap water in places like india. We are not serious when it comes to hygiene in Zambia. We seem to be comfortable with filth.

  6. Gayzar Zulu and his gay friends always know the best solution. What a pity that he or the corrupt government he is part of never implements anything: Lusaka is the dirtiest place on the African Continent!


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