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ZAWA officer shoots self


A 31 -year -old man of Muchinka, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Mpika District of Muchinga Province has accidentally shot himself and is admitted at Chilonga Mission Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Lizzie Machina has confirmed the incident to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Mpika today.

According to the Police Commissioner, the incident happened on Monday, 11th January at Muchinka Camp.

Ms. Machina disclosed that, Enock Nshimbi 31, of Muchinka ZAWA Camp who is also a Community Game Scout under ZAWA accidentally shot himself with an AK47 rifle.

She explained that the officer did not observe the normal safety precautions and did not realise that one bullet was still in the chamber when he pulled the trigger.

The Police Commissioner further said that the officer inadvertently pulled the trigger, discharging the bullet which grazed the lower part of his arm causing the aforementioned injuries.

Ms. Machina said that an inquiry in the matter has since been opened by the Police and the victim is admitted at Chilonga Mission Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner has urged officers to take precautions whenever they handle fire arms adding that a fire arm is not a toy but a harmful weapon.

“This should be a lesson to officers who are charged with the responsibility of handling guns.” Said Ms. Machina


  1. Can that man be retrained and the gun taken away from him. These are dangerous people who shouldn’t be any where near a gun. For me I ensured to undertake a thorough course in gun management before I bought my first gun

  2. There is no ZAWA any more…… Lusaka times please report properly……it’s called National Parks and Wildlife Department (NPWD)

  3. Kekekekeke, how can you carry gun like that?!?
    Next it will be Kaiser shooting himself, he like to pray with guns.

  4. Clearly this guy is not trained on how to handle and also how to empty a firearm. He may not be the right fit for the job as he poses a huge risk to himself and the community especially that these people still proudly carry those AK47 guns on the streets. Am not sure if it’s still prestigious to them.

  5. Lucky guy…do not play Russian roulette in Zed ur life is not worth ending in such unfortunate time the end result will not be kind, we need your vote dont die on us baba.

  6. That’s just stupidity of the highest order…no excuses especially for something like a rifle must have been drunk as for the inquiry opened will never hear its conclusion not in a Lungu govt just say goodbye to it.

  7. The Police Commissioner has advised all those who handle to take extra care as fire arms are not toys. Now what happens when officers bearing arms get dead drunk in public and sometimes on duty? I have on several occasions witnessed officers either driving whilst drunk and bearing arms. Does it mean there no longer parades for officers while reporting for duty or change of shift. I grew up in a police camp in Ndola and used to see officers marching upon reporting on duty and those who were drunk got easily detected and put on charge or extras. What is happening now is just free for all,

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