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COVID-19 vaccines will be verified before being administered-Chanda

Headlines COVID-19 vaccines will be verified before being administered-Chanda

Government has reiterated that the COVID-19 vaccines which Zambia will receive are verified by credible sources.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has disclosed this adding that his ministry will follow the necessary procedures required in receiving and giving vaccines to members of the public.

Dr. Chanda said the issue of COVID -19 vaccines will first have to be taken to Cabinet after which he will issue a ministerial statement in parliament according to what would be agreed upon.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Chanda has since reassured Zambians that the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines will be done in a transparent manner and everything that government is doing is in the best interest of the people.

He said in a briefing after touring Maina Soko hospital in Lusaka today that there will be no back door vaccines that will enter the country and be given to people to endanger their lives.

“Every vaccine that is developed has to answer to the questions of efficacy and safety of the people being vaccinated and as government we will not leave things to chance,” Dr. Chanda explained.

He has meanwhile called on private health institutions that are carrying out COVID-19 tests to desist from exploiting members of public by charging exorbitant prices.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda said testing positive to COVID-19 is not a death sentence that should make people panic.

He said government has state of the art equipment and facilities that would handle COVID-19 cases that are being reported in the country.

Dr. Chanda further said people that are testing positive to COVID-19 and are asymptomatic should stay home, use prescribed home remedies and only rush to health centres when they need medical attention.

He said the policy is to admit those with symptoms.

The minister of health has meanwhile emphasised on preventing the spreading of the virus by observing the five COVID-19 prevention golden rules, which are masking up, social distancing, sanitising and staying home where possible.

“We have the capacity to handle and contain this virus as a country. The only thing missing is the enforcement of preventive measures and people not taking individual responsibility,” Dr. Chanda said.

And Dr. Chanda has called the on the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) to rise to the occasion and make sure that all the drugs that are on the market are authorised.

He said all drugs that are not licensed and are being served to members of the public should be withdrawn until certified fit.

The health minister noted that public confidence in the health sector has gone down hence the need for all concerned stakeholders to reassure members of the public of their safety.

He further said there was need to take charge and regulate the messages being given to the public on how to treat and protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Meanwhile, Zambia has recorded nine COVID-19 related deaths, 602 new cases out of the 4, 800 tests that were conducted in the last 24 hours.

Health Minister Jonas Chanda said when he gave the routine daily update on COVID-19 that 254 patients are currently on oxygen with 17 being in a critical condition.

Dr. Chanda said most of the deaths are being recorded in health facilities because some people are getting to the hospital with irreversible conditions.

He urged members of the public to make sure they seek medical attention in good time to avoid losing lives.

“Although deaths are being recorded every day, it is good to note that recoveries are also being recorded hence the need to keep guarding against the spreading of the virus and taking personal responsibility wherever we are,” said Dr. Chanda.

And government has designated Maina Soko military hospital as a COVID-19 isolation centre in order to decongest the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Levy Mwanawasa Hospital.

Maina Soko military hospital Commandant, Bernard Kapatamoyo said the hospital is happy to work with the Ministry of Health in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brigadier General Kapatamoyo has therefore called on people that usually get health services from Maina Soko hospital to seek services elsewhere as the military hospital will now be dedicated to serving COVID-19 patients.

“As a hospital, we are always ready to offer service whenever we are called upon and has currently offered 86 bed spaces that will be dedicated to COVID-19 patients,” he said.


  1. Confidence can only be restored when chitalu chilufya and all those found wanting are jailed, otherwise your pronouncements are purely for PR and window dressing. Also please detail how you plan to ensure that these vaccines are effective and safe. Truth be told, the only way you can do this is by running your own clinical trials, unfortunately, the school of medicine at UNZA who should be leading these efforts do not have the capacity, and entrusting this to the govern is a non starter. If you want your tenure to be meaningful, you need to be transparent and stop these window dressing rants

  2. That’s the way to go…
    Now where are those cadres who called Dr Mumba names when he requested for this? And that doctor friend who said zambia cant do that?
    Patience and reasoning ebuntu.
    Thumbs up Honorable ?

  3. If you blog too much with the parties that dress in red, you start becoming bitter and ugly like Katuka, Musumali. How do these people even manage to wake up. Those that do not want the vaccine do not take it. Nevers Mumba will be among the first to go for the vaccine.

  4. Zambia does not have the medical technical know to independently verify the efficacy of the vaccines. The decision the authorities is faced with is binary: accept or not accept. If you don’t accept then you have to face travel restrictions as some airlines have already indicated that they will only allow people who will have received a shot to get on board. Mr Minister stop fooling yourself and sit down.

  5. Fve COVID-19 prevention golden rules, which are:
    1. masking up,
    2. social distancing,
    3. sanitising and
    4. staying home where possible.
    If we cannot add, it explains why we are in debt.

    People that are testing positive to COVID-19 and are asymptomatic should stay home, use prescribed home remedies and only rush to health centres when they need medical attention.

    He urged members of the public to make sure they seek medical attention in good time to avoid losing lives.

    Why RUSH if it is in good time?

  7. That face of a thief who distributed toxic medicines in Zambian hospitals now fired should not appear on Covid-19 programs, he is a thief.

  8. What Chanda is saying is mere formality …what Nevers was talking about is a thorough investigation of the pros and cons of each vaccine by a team of professionals not debating such issues in a National Assembly full of sleepy former school leavers who are just shouting yeah yeah yeah and want to go to Parliament bar…then authorised by the same people at Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) who authorised the use of defective gloves , condoms and expired toxic drugs. Lungu thinks by moving Chilufya to side temporary is enough …you need a root and branch overall of the whole system, people need to face the music and answer in courts and do jail time.

  9. Lots of you have been crying and contacting me asking me where I am and that you want me to comment. Sorry I am busy preparing for elections

    In relation to this article, Its annoying to see people who don’t live in Zambia or have zambian citizenship like the diasporans giving us their irrelevant views and opinions. Give those opinions to the countries you are living in. We have our own specialists here who we have confidence in. Who are you???

  10. The government has reiterated that the COVID-19 vaccines which Zambia will receive are verified by credible sources. Which sources? The same sources Dr.Mulenga was talking about. Dr. Chanda did not say the Vaccines will be verified by Zambian scientists.
    Get that in your thick skull. Zambia does not have the capacity to verify the Vaccines.

  11. This minister is even ashamed to say where the vaccines are coming from.

    The west needs to get rid of the old vaccines that do not work on the new variants of corona.

    Trouble is the new variant is targeting younger people.

    In the meantime, Honeybee may have supplied all corona testing kits and will probably be contracted to supply the vaccine.

  12. “Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda said testing positive to COVID-19 is not a death sentence that should make people panic.” Which is why there is no need for a vaccine. First, do no harm.

    Also, not only is testing positive for sars-cov-2 a death sentence, it is no prediction of whether you have been sick or are going to be sick. Most people who catch it have no symptoms and are immune to it from then on. Just like all coronaviruses, every year.

    Don’t get ‘the vaccine’.

  13. Besides the health aspect of the vaccine, the government should seriously look at the moral aspect as well. Some covid vaccines are tainted with aborted foetal matter and therefore getting them is tantamount to supporting willful murder (abortion ) of unborn babies . Zambia is a ‘Christian nation’ – we should not be guilty of the sin of abortion.

  14. I’ve taken two shots of Covid-19 vaccine. So far vaccines are our only hope. The USA has high standards when it comes to medicine. Take a look at your cabin 90% of medicines are not made in Zambia since when did you question their effectiveness? This is a huge crisis. I’ve taken care of many Covid-19 patients and please don’t be like us in the United States when the crisis begun with Trump being the man behind lies and doubting Science. We all want to go back to normal so I can visit Zambia and see my friends. We almost have no choice. So far the vaccines have been effective but who knows with the faster mutations if we don’t get ahold of it, the vaccines may not work. So we need to beat this virus together. Zambia has no capacity to verify vaccines and guess what, same applies to many…

  15. Covid vaccines will be verified, the heading needs to read are verified by credible sources. As the Eagle above has pointed out, we still don’t have capacity to verify and we rely on the manufacturers, their regulatory bodies and their results for verification.
    Nothing wrong with that, it’s standard practice, and has been the world over, we live in a global world and everything is easier now.
    Dr. Mulenga for the win, we appreciate Nevers’ response for being respectful, it lacked medical knowledge though.

  16. I can only take the Chinese Sinovac vaccine. I don’t trust the Americans with their depopulation agenda sterilizing the poorer communities. Covac vaccine sponsored by Bill Gates being manufactured in India is the worst. I would rather die than be sterile. And to the people taking the vaccine don’t worry about us the unvaccinated since you’ll be immune right. Don’t force us.

  17. I have seen a lot of development taking place at Maina Soko Military Hospital. Will the facility be open to the general public at a cost or not? An enterace gate has been erected facing Independence Road which may pose danger to motorists and other road users. I suggest the Lusaka City Council and Military authorities should urgently redesign that part of the road by widening or creating some filter lane and also not allow Maina Soko Military personnel parking their vehicles on the island as its a dangerous hazard.

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