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Dora Siliya implores Media Personnel to heighten protection against COVID-19

General News Dora Siliya implores Media Personnel to heighten protection against COVID-19

The government has called on the media to heighten protective measures against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in a statement issued to the media in Lusaka yesterday, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya indicated that media personnel are part of frontline workers hence must make protecting themselves against COVID-19 a priority.

Ms. Siliya implored the media to ensure that they adhere to the five protective golden rules against the virus whenever they are in the field.

She explained that the second wave of COVID-19 is the most dangerous, thus stressed the need to adhere to the public health guidelines by having access to personal protective equipment.

“Government wishes to advise that no media personnel should conduct an interview without wearing a mask and that media personnel must demand that sources wear masks before interviewing them. Media personnel should also ensure that they wash or sanitize their hands regularly, especially after handling microphones,” Ms. Siliya directed.

The Minister further called on the private sector to continue supporting the media fraternity with personal protective equipment such as gloves, face masks and sanitizers for personal use.

She reiterated the government’s appeal to all Zambians to heed to President Edgar Lungu’s call of taking personal responsibility against the pandemic in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

The country has continued to record a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases and which has not spared media personnel given the nature of their work which demands interaction with different members of society, hence pose a higher risk of contracting and transmitting the virus.


  1. You seem to be one of the beneficiaries of Honeybee, why have u been talkative of late since your partner was fired? You have to be investigated too ,you are one of the thieves in that scandal.

  2. Madam Dora how can people protect themselves when your
    Colleagues are supplying low
    Standard protection?And you even distribute happily not knowing what harm you are
    Causing to Zambians.

  3. Media personnel can to interview remotely via zoom and other platforms. There is no need to invite guest into the studio any more…Please move with the times.

  4. Why not hire the same PR company based in UK who is working for PF debt to fix covid too?
    But PF need mmbwa, so Sunday Chanda the media director, and the all heavy Dora, failed deal with Debt management, they had to go hire street dealers in diaspora again?

  5. Let it be a media people or any other people, each and every Zambians need to follow the health guidelines issued by our government.

  6. Ms. Siliya said is right! The second wave of the Covid-19 is the most dangerous so wearing a mask, and avoiding social gatherings is a must.

  7. People should not be panic because of the rising numbers of coronavirus cases. They just need to listen to what our President Lungu is saying and follow the safety measures to protect against the deadly virus.

  8. Frontline workers like media people, doctors, health workers, etc. need to take extra precautions against the Covid-19 because they deal with various people every single day. And, the second wave of the virus is spreading more rapidly.

  9. Only because of President Lungu, the government, and blessing from God, the covid-19 situation is not as worse as other African countries.

  10. People are scared because of Covid-19. But, instead of being scared, we all must follow whatever our government is saying. And one day there will be zero cases of coronavirus in this country. Amen!!!

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