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Increased defilement cases irk Gender Minister


Minister of Gender Elizabeth Phiri has bemoaned the escalating number of defilement cases in the country.

Ms. Phiri noted that despite efforts being made by the ministry to ensure that offenders pay for the crime, perpetrators of the crimes are mostly protected by their families.

She observed that while the ministry has made strides in ensuring that punishments are stiffened as per call from the general populous, very few individuals come forward to report crimes committed by those they term close family.

The Minister narrated that most cases that are being heard of in the public domain are those of family members who inflicted pain on fellow family members, but wondered why her office is not receiving such crimes for processing.

Ms Phiri has urged stakeholders to play a role and assist in enforcing the law in order to help reduce the continued escalating cases of defilement in the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mrs Phiri said this moral decay in the country has to be dealt with the urgency it deserves.

She said the government has done its best to enact laws that deter people from committing such immoral vices, hence the need for all stakeholders to come on board in order to curb such vices.

Mrs Phiri has further encouraged people to talk about such happenings in their homes in order to avoid defilement cases.

She added that it was saddening to note that most perpetrators of defilement and sexual Gender-based violence are sadly people who are meant to protect the victims.

Mrs Phiri said Zambia is a Cristian nation and entails that people should live by the biblical standards, if cases of defilement are reduced in the country.

“My appeal is for the church to also come in, and help preach about such happenings,” Mrs Phiri said.

“We have to preach about any evil vice, it has to start from the family level, community level and also the nation.” She added.

Mrs Phiri also said the media which is a bigger voice should not only be writing when defilement cases happen, but should also take a leading role in giving precautions before such evil vices occur, through feature articles and hard news stories.


  1. Evil, hate and dehumanising Zambians is perpetuated by PF government. How? you ask, uncertified medicines and health products distributed in Zambian hospitals and clinics is evil, corruption evidenced by removal of Dr,Chilufya Chitalu from office and many, many, many corruption cases involving the entire PF regime including PF ministers who were convicted to repay the illegal salaries of overstaying in offices. Excluding sections of Zambians due to regions where they hail from is hatred beyond belief and supressing Zambians, denying them freedom of assembly any where is at the mercy of PF police and often denied. Even to fly in the air is prohibitive by PF regime that is oppression equivalent to defilement.

  2. You would be excused for thinking this govt has just got into power…now even ministers who were asleep for 4 years are suddenly awake!

  3. This is because some high profile
    Members of our society are protected from prosecution because they are able to pay off
    The victim as well as the investigating officer.

  4. Aaah! So this Ministry exists. At least it is more relevant than the one for Religion and Affairs. Pa nkhani yavigololo vo patikiza ine mau nilibe koma. We need to do something to deter this vice. Most important let’s see what the root cause is monga vocita ma youth, na ma girl children to be sensitized mosewenzela mwe. Teach them self-defense classes ma girls.

  5. Don’t rush toi ‘Christian Nation’ issue. There is nowhere in the Bible where polygamy or marriage before 18 years of age are. condemned. Many of our ancestors married as namwalis.
    To sort out this mess, you have to outlaw witchdoctors altogether. They are the ones who tell people who to sleep with in order to be healed. They are also destroying marriages by sleeping with women who go to them for infertility and conjugal rights issues.

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