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Southern Province Minister pleased with zero tolerance to corruption stance taken by the judiciary


Government is pleased with the zero tolerance to corruption stance taken by the judiciary in the country.

And the government has called on other stakeholders to emulate the judiciary on assuming the zero tolerance to corruption stance.

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale commended the judiciary for taking a leading role in fighting corruption.

Dr. Hamukale said other stakeholders should support the judiciary for it to achieve its goal.

He has meanwhile cautioned stakeholders to desist from inducing magistrates and other officers in the judicial system to engage in corruption.

The Provincial Minister said this in a speech read for him by his Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba in Livingstone today during the ceremonial opening of the criminal sessions at the Livingstone High Court.

“…it is you inducing the magistrates and all people involved in the judicial system. Do not try to lead others into temptation which will cause them to lose their jobs, resist that temptation,” Dr. Hamukale said.

He urged the judiciary to ensure that they form an integrity committee at the Livingstone High Court saying this is the first step in the quest to fight corruption.

And Dr. Hamukale has praised the judiciary for the tremendous progress made in the disposal of cases.

He encouraged officer in the judiciary to maintain the progress made and not to let challenges reverse the improvement made so far.

And speaking earlier, Livingstone High Court Judge In-Charge, Maka Phiri said there could be no justice in the midst of corruption.

Justice Phiri said the institution had resolved to get rid of all judicial staff bent on engaging in corrupt activities.

“I therefore implore all our judicial staff present here to resist any temptation to engage in corrupt activities and to embrace the vision of the judiciary to inspire public confidence through applying the highest standards of integrity and morality,” she said.

Justice Phiri also expressed concern over the deplorable state of the Livingstone High Court, which is a pre-independence building.

Every year, the cracks on the building widen every year thereby posing a real threat to judicial staff and court users.

She has since appealed to government to avail funds for the construction of a modern High Court building with adequate court rooms to be situated in Choma, the provincial capital.

She said land for the same is already available.

Meanwhile, a total of 125 cases were received at the Livingstone High Court in 2020 and 80 of them were disposed of, while 45 are still pending.

In addition, 25 appeals were received and 17 have been disposed of, while eight are pending.


  1. But where are the facts to justify the statement that there is zero tolerance to corruption? If we were told of an instance or two were corruption was called out and action taken this would make sense.

  2. President Lungu and his government have zero-tolerance against corruption. And, we have always witnessed it in every government’s decisions.

  3. President Lungu fired Dr. Chilufya as health minister as an act against corruption. He openly opposes people or things supporting corruption!

  4. The decisions of Mr. Lungu is always benefiting Zambians. He wants transparency in the government system or else the minister gets fired.

  5. We always wanted our government to work for our development and not just fill their own pockets. And, we are blessed to have President Lungu and his government to rule this nation. Zambia is in the safest hands!

  6. His Excellency appointed well-qualified person Dr. Chanda as new health minister, it is a very good thing. And now, Dr. Chanda is working well for us, under the guidance of Mr. Lungu and we pray it continues!

  7. Every sector is uplifting under President Lungu’s government. The development could have not possible if there were corruption in the government system.

  8. HH targets President Lungu now and then but cannot able to prove that the President is a criminal… in fact all the decisions of Mr. Lungu are benefiting the public and not any minister. So, the joke is on HH…????

  9. Recently, we heard that the Eastern Province Cashew Growers Association of Zambia is engaging 50,000 small-scale farmers to grow cashew nuts by 2022. They feed into the proposed processing plant in Chipata. K600 million invested to construct a processing plant that will have a capacity of producing 700,000 tonnes of cashew nuts annually!!! This is called true development.

  10. President Lungu has fired Dr. Chilufya immediately when he found that he is involved in corruption. We really don’t have to worry about the future of this nation!

  11. Mr. Lungu openly says no one is above the law and oppose corruption. He immediately fires ministers if they found corrupt. What other proof Zambians want to believe President Lungu has zero-tolerance against corruption!!!

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