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Court sends 51-year old man to 7 years in jail with hard labour for illegal ivory possession

General News Court sends 51-year old man to 7 years in jail with hard...

The Chinsali subordinate court has sentenced a 51-year-old poacher to seven years imprisonment with hard labour for unlawful possession of 9.5 kilogrammes (kg) of ivory.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe said in a statement to ZANIS today that officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Chama district nabbed and arrested Jurious Sakala 51, of Mukhonka village in Chama district, on November 15, 2020.

Mr. Kalembwe said being in possession of ivory illegally is an offence contrary to section 130 (2) of the Zambia Wildlife Act number 14 of 2015 (ZWA 2015) which states that a person who is in possession of, sells, buys, imports or exports or attempts to sell, buy, import or export a prescribed trophy in contravention of this Act is liable, upon conviction.

He said in addition to the ivory, the National Parks and Wildlife officers also found Sakala in possession of bullets and gunpowder.

Meanwhile in passing sentence, the court bemoaned the increase in wildlife related cases.

The court observed that poaching is depleting the country’s natural resources and reduces elephant populations in the country.

The court further noted that elephants play an important role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of ecosystems and also provide opportunities for supporting local communities’ livelihoods through legal ventures such as tourism, which depends on thriving elephant populations.


  1. Meanwhile mukula tree smugglers in PF government continue to plunder public funds

  2. @ LT

    Four headlines today, and ALL 4 with messy grammar etc.
    Is it really so difficult to check those things before you ‘let them loose’???

  3. Poor people in Zambia forever suffering. Meanwhile a PF doctor/minister and his friends who stole k15 million dollars and distributed substandard condoms is free.
    This PF government is rotten to the core!

  4. And the police officers who shot dead innocent people, where are we on the investigations were police are supposed to be investigating themselves

  5. What about the Mukula scandal and those responsible for supplying out dated condoms?? Poor people it’s normal to be jailed yet rich pipo are free monkeys on trees.

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