Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PF welcomes over 300 NDC defectors in Mpulungu


About 315 opposition political party members from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and United Party for National Development (UPND) in Mpulungu district have left their parties to join the Patriotic Front.

The opposition members include the entire constituency and district leadership of NDC.

NDC district Coordinator Montfort Mwanza said his team has decided to join the PF because of its commitment to taking development to the people.

Mr Mwanza said he has seen that the PF means well for the people in Mpulungu and the country.

He explained that the nation has recorded massive development under the PF government, stating that there is need for all well-meaning Zambians to support the party that is putting their interests first.

Mr Mwanza said this when he led the defectors during a meeting in Kasakalawe area in Mpulungu.

He apologized to the PF leadership for previously opposing the works being done, saying he feels sad that there are other people who are still opposing the party.

“I feel sad that I once opposed the PF party but I have for a long time seen that it means well for the people of the entire country even where it does not have a lot of support.”

Mr Mwanza also pledged to work with the party in order to foster development.

And Mpulungu Member of Parliament Freedom Sikazwe assured the new members that the party will work with them.

Mr Sikazwe said the party in Mpulungu is ready to welcome everyone, urging them to feel free and bring in ideas, to help grow the economy.

“When you were in opposition, you had ideas and we want you to bring those ideas so that we work as a team in Mpulungu without leaving anyone behind” said Mr. Sikazwe

He assured the members that those who will work hard and deserve positions in the party will be given the same opportunity as old members.


  1. NDC has got no established structures in Mpulungu. This is a Lusaka Times defection. Show us the video of Mr Mwanza welcoming the defectors to PF. Maybe the Devil is a Zambian by citizenship. How come Zambians are easily led by him in believing lies like commercial sex workers?

  2. Is Tayali a bit like the Late Chanda Chimba on mcs, with a marked difference; he owns a kantemba party which he only ever talked about at the launch. One would mistakenly think his party is ether UPND or PF. May be his party, it died, (‘Tayali fwa’)

  3. Ya ba nyokola njala.
    In Africa when you are hungry, you join the ruling party.
    In democracies, you vote out the ruling party.

  4. And the police officers who shot dead innocent people, where are we on the investigations were police are supposed to be investigating themselves please

  5. Sold to the highest bidder. The same people will defect to UPND once it comes into power after August saying they were mislead.

  6. We have reported in the past that UPND won some wards as far field as Mpulungu which was not the case for other political parties to win in Southern province. This was the basis on which we said that it was more of tribal voting pattern than anything. Now people have realised that you cannot vote anyone who promotes tribalism. They have also realised that Hakainde has nothing to offer to the Zambian people other than Mapatizya formular. All in all, that ward belonging to UPND existed in Mpulungu and they have decided to join a national political party. Unless HH reforms his tribal political party he has no chance of going to plot 1 not because he is Tonga but because he rose to the presidency of UPND on a Tribal ticket. Let us not bury our heads in the sand that is the hard truth…

  7. ALL LIES LIES LIES >>>>>>>>>>>
    HOW EASY IS THAT TO SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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