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ECL unhappy with people policising Covid-19

Headlines ECL unhappy with people policising Covid-19

President Edgar Lungu is deeply saddened that some people are politicising a serious global disaster like the coronavirus (Covid-19).

President Lungu said the coronavirus has impacted economies not only in Zambia but the entire world hence the need not to politicise the pandemic.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu complained when he met chiefs Mubanga and Nkweto of the Bemba people of Chinsali district in Muchinga Province.

The meeting was at Kapasa Makasa University in Chinsali today.

The Head of State said it is sad that some people are accusing him of spreading the virus through his routine tours around the country, which he said is not the case.

“As much as I know that there is coronavirus which is a very sad situation, I will not allow everything to remain standstill because if the pandemic is not well handled it can cause more economic catastrophe, but we will ensure that as we work, we are also following health guidelines to reduce the further spread of the virus,” he said.

He lamented that a lot of people have died worldwide through Covid-19 and said it is a pit that some elements in Zambia are politicising the sad phenomena.

“Please I urge you chiefs to continue sensitizing your subjects on the dangers of the virus and to adhere to the health guidelines of sanitising, washing hands regularly and self-distancing,” President Lungu stated.

And President Lungu has called for the speed construction of the Chinsali-Mulilansolo road which is in a dilapidated condition.

He said the road is an economic highway for the people in the area.

President Lungu has meanwhile praised the people of Chinsali for massively involving themselves in agriculture.

“I am very much happy with what I have seen here in Chinsali. You have cultivated a lot of maize which is very encouraging,” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile, chiefs Mubanga and Nkweto have assured President Lungu of total support in the August 2021 general elections saying they have seen unpresented development in Chinsali under his leadership.

“ ‘Ushitasha Mwanawandoshi’, meaning he who does not appreciate was born from a witch, because we have seen a lot of development in Chinsali under this administration than any other,” chief Mubanga stated.

The traditional leader added that, “you have changed the face of Chinsali, we have hospitals, clinics, schools, roads and all we needed, so why can’t we support you? You are assured of our support”.

President Lungu later met Chinsali village headmen and the clergy who also echoed chiefs’ sentiments to support the PF leadership.

President Lungu is in Muchinga Province on a four day working visit.


  1. Covid19 and politics cannot be separated because covid19 affects the economy and if politician is not handling the properly then it becomes politics. So your excellence do not complain when covid19 politicised. You don’t seem to have a good record of handling the pandemic. You allow PF cadres to congregate without observing the guidelines social distancing and masking. You also complained that your travels are do not spread the virus, if you do not test your entourage how would you know that you are not spreading the virus. HH wanted to attend a funeral he was stopped doing that. Ba President wesu, the best is to stop all these so called working holiday or tour they are not necessary. If you are checking the ”infrastructure developmental projects”, where is the provincial…

  2. Yes this virus is a killer and in a year it has taken 78,000 lives in the whole Africa and has taken almost 500,000 lives in the USA in Europe things are not so different from America.
    It would be a good thing that this pandemic is eradicated as soon as possible but Africa must not be waiting for anything from the western world, Africa must find it’s own solution to this disease either to find it’s own vaccine or a cure by all means.
    Africa has an elephant in the room that is must stronger than corona virus it is HIV, aids kills 1, 000,000 people in Africa every year and malaria kills 360, 000 people in Africa every year compared to 78,000 killed this year a lone by corona virus.
    We are talking about a vaccine no one will find a vaccine for either malaria or aids it is up…

  3. Says the hypocrite who politicized Zambia High Court process by warning judges not to try Kenyan style election petition decision. Covid 19 pandemic has some inevitable political strings regardless.

  4. Why can’t we politicizing COVID 19? Money and Resources were donated towards the fight of the infection.Where is the money ?What happened to the Masks and PPEs?

  5. Nothing will come to a stand still if the president stopped his none essential tours. He is not the one who supervises projects or carries out government programmes. His, is to provide sufficient policy directions and funding for his vision, good governance, fight against corruption etc. Government systems don’t revolve around an individual.

  6. But just for clarity, our economic problems have nothing to do with covid, our economic fortunes were already nose diving even before Covid. So lets just be truthful with each other

  7. Covid19 infection rate in Zambia by population comparison is now higher than USA. USA with a population of over 200million people has an infection rate averaging 4,000 plus a day while Zambia with a population of around 17million has an infection rate averaging 1,000 plus per day. The president needs to heed people’s call.

  8. We have been impacted badly because it came at a time when our economy was already in ICU. Let’s learn to practice what we teach that way people will start taking us serious, unlike a situation were you tell people to observe social distance then you are in the forefront of bringing masses together. Kuti Bantu baone bwa?

  9. Stop blaming covid , the economy was in ICU on a ventilator way before covid …

    Those who argue should show you any improved economic indicator ever Since lungu came to power……it’s been down hill for everything ever Since

  10. Why this nigger always making non value added tours wasting tax payers money.A person moving from place to place is a failure leadership wise.learn to delegate you cant be everywhere

  11. Why would anyone down vote me simply greeting people. What sort of hate to you harbour? Sad for you to have so much hate in you

  12. Sometimes our leaders should think before making statements ,it seems most of them just open their mouths without realizing that what they say will attract debate. My advice to in people’s limelight is talk less as this reminds of ubomba mwibala by ECL .

  13. ECL ‘s “working visits” are disguised PF Campaign Rallies for the August 2021 Elections. ECL has weoponised Covid 19 and is using it as Campaign Tool. Any gatherings including ECL’s “working visits” are Covid-19 Super Spreaders just like any mass gatherings. Unless ECL stops these Super Spreaders “working visits” Covid 19 infections will intensify. The writing is on the wall.

  14. As usual the NOT MUCH of a president is worried and concerned about the politicization of COVID 19 pandemic, when he is not doing everything in his powers to stem the spread of the virus and protect the Zambian people. What is politics if it does not involve the lives of the citizens? And the COVID pandemic is right at the centre of people’s lives at the moment.

    People want to know what their government is doing with regard to the procurement of vaccines for COVID 19 , protection of frontline workers and prosecution of the people looting the government coffers under ECL’s watch. ECL thinks that the fact that COVID 19 affects the whole world , then he can sit back and do nothing for the Zambian people. Any he stated himself on SA national television , when asked what his plans were…

  15. It is normal in politics to politicise anything that is handled by politicians. If you did not want politics in it, you should have left the Technocrats at the Ministry of Health to make all the announcements and stop your ministers from mentioning you in all their briefs. When they say, ‘President Lungu wants…’ or ‘As president Lungu has said…’ they are politicising and attracting the opposition to respond. A government issue is political.

  16. Church, Wedding, Sports, Funerals ,bars, Political (working visits) etc gatherings are Covid-19 Super Spreaders. ECL Govt should stop these Super Spreader gatherings to control the pandemic. The Clergy, Sports field etc have recently registered Covid-19 casualties so the Govt should introduce measures to stop all these pandemic Super Spreader activities b4 many People perish from this disease. The writing is on the wall.

  17. Serious hypocrisy! And scared of the unknown even when others caught he stands on the platform to accuse them of what they have not said, he sponsors violence and stands on the podium to cry the opposition should denounce violence! Typical incompetence in leadership!!

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