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4 Former Ministers have not yet paid back the money-Accountant General


The Ministry of Finance has announced that full verification and reconciliation of repayments related to salaries that were paid to Cabinet, Provincial, and Deputy Ministers who served between May and August 2016, in line with the court judgement, has now been completed.

Accountant General Kennedy Musonda said the Ministry of Finance has in addition submitted the details of repayments and outstanding amounts to the Attorney General.

Mr. Musonda has explained that to facilitate the verification process, the Patriotic Front (PF) party submitted a schedule of persons who were covered under its bulk deposits made to the treasury.

He said to confirm the deposits, the party submitted deposit slips to the treasury and government receipts have accordingly been issued for the same.

“Therefore, according to our current records, 59 out of 63 former Cabinet, Provincial, and Deputy Ministers have been covered by the repayments,” Mr. Musonda said.

In a statement issued to the media in Lusaka yesterday, the Accountant General indicated that the reconciliation process has revealed that some individuals who were paid for by the PF Party had also paid for themselves, resulting in double repayments which will be refunded in line with public finance regulations.

He noted that taking both foregoing factor and the court judgement into account, the total outstanding amount of public funds due to the treasury by the remaining four (4) individuals is K230, 064.36.

“In line with procedure and to ensure that progress towards the closure of this matter is conclusive, the Ministry of Finance has written to the Attorney General to submit the detail of repayments and outstanding amounts. The details include names of all the fifty-nine (59) persons who have paid in full and the four individuals who have not,” stated the Accountant General.

Mr. Musonda clarified that to confirm the repayments, government receipts, some of which have not yet been collected from the treasury, have also been issued for individuals who have availed the Ministry of Finance with deposit slips.

He has since urged some former ministers who made repayments but have not yet availed the treasury with deposit slips to do so in order to be issued with government receipts.


    • What should we believe? This very ministry told us here on LT that only K29,448.36 was outstanding. Today you say four ministers haven’t paid. Muchili mulelila mwibala as you try to confuse us with fake information. Can HH appoint the auditors for this project? That way we will know what is really going on.

  1. I’m not sure I know wht the acountant-general accounts for given the rampant theft of public resources in ministries and spending agencies where staff from this office are supposed to oversee the process of spending money.

  2. some political party is claiming for a refund for the money , I thought the so called wellwishers paid for individuals.

  3. This Accountant General is just incompetent. This is a simple issue but the idyot is now confusing people by issuing 3 different statements in short space of 2 weeks. First ge said the money was repaid in full but people knew it waz a lie. Now he is telling us something else – what is the truth Mr Accountant.
    I am an Accountant as well and I know that your contradictory public statements on this issue are foolish and don’t make sense. You’re just trying to cover PF for the debt they didn’t pay. That’s disgraceful and makes you a PF compromised idyot doing their bidding. You shouldn’t doing that job and must resign immediately.

  4. In short the responsibility to pay back lies in individuals that accepted the appointments and not the system that appointed them and that’s why the secretariat is asking for refund neglecting the four.

  5. Look at this leadership of crooks. This one says this and the other one says that. Ex- Ministers have exposed ECL and will never pay for it. Lungu has lead Zambia illegally period.

  6. Who are those 4? Since the date of repayment has passed, bailiffs should take charge now. This guys have crossed over a red line, whether they are still in service or not, they should pay back, no more ultimatum, please bailiffs incito iyo yamoneka

  7. The question is who paid for all these for all these former….is it Lazy Lungu using taxpayers Presidential fund?

  8. That is why it shouldn’t have been a PF Secretary General’s duty to make such announcements. This was always a government matter to follow up and verify as I noted before

  9. Harold Muna. The PF Secretary General is clueless. Remember he lost his seat as an MP to an independent. In one of PFs best stronghold kikikiki. That man makes statements that are offside.

  10. To trust PF, one must be in mental crisis. After the hullabaloos of all former ministers, now convicts having paid off their debts by cadre Mwila, now we are told 4 former ministers have not yet paid. Truth is allergic with PF regime.

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