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Milenge DEBS bemoans escalating cases of child labour


Education authorities in Milenge district have bemoaned the rampant cases of child labour in the area.

Milenge District Education Board Secretary Denis Mukunta noted that most pupils are forced to work for money especially during the holidays due to high levels of poverty.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr. Mukunta said there was need for various stakeholders to work together to curb the scourge and promote the welfare of children.

He said it was dangerous for children below the age of 15 years to be fond of working to earn money.

He added that most of the work which the pupils do relates to farming activities.

“These children are getting used to handling money at a young age and in turn attach less importance to education. Even when schools open, most of them miss classes which leads to poor academic performance,” he said.

Mr. Mukunta has since called on parents and traditional leaders among other stakeholders to come on board to end the practice.

And Mikula Ward Councillor Justine Chembo has urged parents to protect their children from exploitation.

Mr. Chembo said it was important for every parent to engage in income generating activities so that they can provide for their children.

“Girls are the most vulnerable and it is not safe for them to go round people’s houses to do piece work. They might be attacked,” he said.

Meanwhile, Beauty Mwenya, a resident observed that some people are using the children for cheap labour.

Mrs. Mwenya said some people engage children so that they can take advantage of their vulnerability and underpay them.


  1. The case is not only in Milenge alone…and this deserves a lot of attention… Young boys and girls are engaged in piece works most times…doing works that a way beyond their power….

  2. Child labour continues to be very high especially in the rural areas… There’s need to engage communities on the best way children can be helped to avoid their abuse through labour related activities

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