Saturday, April 20, 2024

Only Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information will issue Covid-19 vaccine statements


The Ministry of Health has reiterated that while the sector continues to participate in global, regional and country technical discussions on the Covid-19 vaccine development and deployment, Cabinet is yet to sit, consider and approve the vaccine and its deployment mechanism.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama explained that the ministry will only recommend to Cabinet a Covid-19 vaccine which is efficacious, safe and approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“We therefore urge all government institutions including missions abroad not to issue any statements on the vaccine until Cabinet provides guidance,” Dr. Malama stated.

He has further advised that all statements or pronouncements on the Covid-19 vaccine will be issued by the Ministry of Health in liaison with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.

“We further urge all Zambians to be patient and be assured that once Cabinet guides, all stakeholders will be appropriately informed,” he said.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media yesterday by Ministry of Health Head of Media Relations, Stanslous Ngosa.


  1. This is directed at a foolish overzealous carder who is not even fit to be an ambassador but is masquerading as an ambassador in Ethiopia. The guy keeps on giving poorly formulated statements. It is because he is an illiterate but pretending to know so much. PF must understand that little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all. Come august the foolish chap is heading for jail for tempering with elections.

  2. Why should they be believed now? Isn’t this the same Ministry that facilitated the supply of defective health kits on the market? This Government lost credibility a long time ago

  3. We thank you ba MoH. Look at that clown tarino. Just yesterday he was advocating for Zambia not to use vaccines because he would want to see more deaths here to make his sad life seem better. Tarino you are a demon possessed clown. Let me pray for your sins

  4. The sooner we have this vaccine in zambia the better. If we delay then by the time we actually receive the vaccine we would have lost 20% of the population and our economy will be in tatters. The choice of whether one wants the vaccine or not can then be left to the individual.

  5. We commend Dr malama statement to bring sanity over issuing Covid-19 related matters. Recently PF cadre in Mpulungu and Imusho were issuing statistics on those infected, recoveries and those unfortunately have died. I was left wondering and shocked what was going on.
    My prayer is that even Kaizar Zulu who believes is wiser than most of us comments on every story, bizarre on wrong side of the story. It may be a manifestation of his demons – wait his next comment

  6. Why is it that the vaccine is only used in Africa yet many cases are in Western countries?
    Let them start doing the vaccination from theirs then coming here….
    Our leaders look into this seriously and be real.

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