Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fifth session of parliament resumes Virtually


The fifth session of the twelfth assembly commenced virtually yesterday in the quest to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

During the session for oral answer, understanding order number 30, Minister of Health Jonas Chanda said the government will continue with its master plan to bring service delivery close to the general citizenry.

Dr Chanda disclosed that his ministry will soon embark on the construction of 118 mini-hospitals countrywide in order to further enhance quality service delivery.

Responding to a question from Moomba Member of Parliament Fred Chaatila, Dr Chanda pointed out that his Ministry will also continue with the construction of the district hospitals.

Mr. Chaatila wanted to know whether the government has any plans to rehabilitate the Nampeyo Clinic in Moomba Parliamentary Constituency; if so, when the plans will be implemented; what the time frame for the completion of the project is; and if there are no such plans, why.

In response, the Minister of Health stated that Nampeyo clinic is among the health centres to build under the 2021 to 2023 medium-term expenditure.

“Government has plans to rehabilitate Nampeyo clinic under the 2021 -23 medium term expenditure and we are working with DMMU to find the medium solution to the problem. Members of parliament are free to use CDF to build clinics but should consult my Ministry,” he said.

He further explained that health quality health service delivery remains top on the government’s agenda.


  1. Virtually??? Those MPs who debate drunk?? Embrace for more ponogogarafic videos of themselves.
    Zambian Parliament sessions on WhatsApp.

  2. Great work. The new normal tefintu iyo. As for sexually frustrated frogs like nostradamus we know it is hard for you there as a black man to get ntwenu

  3. If Parliamentary Proceedings are being conducted virtually why can’t Covid-19 Super Spreaders Activities like Funerals, Church Services,Weddings etc be done virtually? People are dying from this deadly disease and so temporary locking down the Economy is a necessity. Govt should introduce restrictive measures in these Covid-19 Super Spreaders Activities b4 people die in huge numbers.

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