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PF refutes social media reports claiming 200 PF officials defected to UPND


The Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in Chitambo District in Central Province have refuted social media reports claiming that 200 PF officials in Lusenga Ward have defected from the ruling party to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) because poverty and lack of development.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusenga where several Ward and District officials were in attendance, Chitambo District PF Chairperson Dylan Kanguya said the leadership in Lusenga Ward is intact and very active adding that no member of the party has defected to UPND.

He said Lusenga Ward was formed in 2016 and since then, the same PF leadership that was appointed is the same one currently in operation refuting claims from the UPND that one former PF Lusenga Ward Chairperson Bowas Mwape was defecting to UPND due to unfulfilled promises from the ruling party.

Mr. Kanguya said the entire PF leadership of Chitambo District do not know any Bowas Mwape adding that the only person they have known as Lusenga Ward Chairperson since 2016 is the incumbent Stephen Muchinka.

He advised the aspiring UPND Member of Parliament Crawford Mukando and aspiring UPND Councillor John Kalale to campaign with facts and not fabricate lies as they will not take them anywhere.

Mr Kanguya added that President Edgar Lungu through the Area Member of Parliament Chanda Mutale has extremely developed the District in all the sectors and there is proof to ascertain this.

And Lusenga Ward Chairperson Stephen Muchinka said Ward officials cannot defect as they have seen and experienced massive development in the Ward and the District at large through the able leadership of the President and area Member of Parliament Chanda Mutale.

Mr. Muchinka has since given Mr. Mukando and his team 48 hours to substantiate their claims or risk being taken to court.

“We are giving him 48hrs to tell us where and when we defected because we are not going to tolerate such lies and defamation of character. If they fail to tell us the truth, we are taking all of them to court because none of us have defected whatsoever,” warned Mr. Muchinka.

And District Consistency Chairperson Dirass Kasongo said the party has not lost any member to the opposition UPND as the party membership in the party is intact.

UPND Defection Meeting to receive PF members
UPND Defection Meeting to receive PF members

Reports circulating on Social Media claim that 200 PF officials in Lusenga Ward in Chitambo District have ditched the ruling PF.

Earlier, UPND media team reported that more than two hundred PF officials of Musola in Lusenga ward of Chitambo Constituency have ditched PF because of lies, poverty, continued promises and lack of Development.

The entire structure was filled with joy and pleasure as Aspiring Councillor of Lusenga Ward John Kalale welcomed them to UPND a Party he said has credible leadership with morals and interest of people at heart.

“My President Hakainde Hichilema is the people’s choice because he has demonstrated that he stands for his country Zambia and it’s people, look at how we are all suffering today while they show off with our wealth forgetting we voted for them to make our lives better. It is them who are living lavishly while we wallow in abject poverty but this time show them you cannot be used to get to the top. They have failed it’s time for the country to move forward with President Hakainde Hichilema. Thank you for your support.” said Mr Kalale.

And former PF Lusenga ward Chairperson Mr Bowas Mwape said, they have reasons as a structure to defect because of the unfulfilled promises from the ruling patriotic front. He added on saying, UPND has a credible leader with a vision to take Zambia to another level and promised to support the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema.

The new ambassadors of change were welcomed by Mr Kalale who was accompanied by Mr Crawford K. Mukando UPND Aspiring Member of Parliament, Chitambo district.


  1. Regardless of anyone’s political leanings these reckless political gatherings during Covid times NEED TO STOP asap.

    • If you look at that crowd you see poverty. The poverty that our politicians like to exploit to send them to parliament where they will get very fat and forget about those skinny voters until after 5 years. As a politician don’t you people feel any guilt? You will be telling these poor peasants how you will better their lives but you will forget about them when you are at Manda hill. Why not go and make money differently without involving poor people?

  2. These are ancient politics. We now need to move to the next stage. I’m surprised that political Parties even spend money to stage defection stunts! Are we still in the stone age? Defections don’t gauge your political popularity. Even rejects from other political parties find their way to other in the name of defection, You waste time on the irrelevant

  3. Upnd win elections on social media and then petition and cry like baby hyenas. These guys are jokers who only a mad man can vote for .


  5. Zambians see how fat those guys on the chairs are, one of them tries to kneel to fool the poor, and then see how thin those they are addressing are. Why are the rich continuing to exploit the poor?

  6. But John Kalale…your memory is short, the problem is that you easily forget. How on earth do you make such a statement ati My President Hakainda Hichilema is the people’s choice because he has demonstrated that he stands for this country end of quote. Are you sure!
    Ba Kalale hh has no heart for Zambians
    1. If hh had a heart for Zambians he could have not sold the hotel for 5million dollars when it’s real value is 25million dollars
    2. Privatization of mines, The current situation on KCM and Mopani hh doesn’t believe that Zambians can run the mines he believes in foreign investors
    3. Former Bp workers want their money pension fund ba Saturnia regna high court ruled in the favor of bp workers since hh is the major share holder he should have instructed the company to pay the…

  7. 3. Former Bp workers want their money pension fund ba Saturnia regna high court ruled in the favor of bp workers since hh is the major share holder he should have instructed the company to pay the former Bp workers.
    4. A fuel attendant was feeling hungry and asked for not K100.00 but K 10.00 charge to buy something to eat, that very Zambian hh almost beat up the fuel attendant over a K10.00
    My question is: Has hh demonstrated the he stands for Zambians ! the answer is NO. Zambians be very careful.

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