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UPND Gives Convention details as HH files for Nomination for Party Presidence


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has set a tone for the holding of its elective General Conference slated for 14th February, 2021.

Announcing the resolutions made during an NMC extraordinary meeting held at the party secretariat yesterday, UPND Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo told the Press this morning that a number of resolutions towards the holding of the elective conference have been put in place.

He stated that instead of the usual 3, 000 delegates, the party has opted to reduce the number to 1, 500 delagates with elections scheduled to be held at the selected provoncial centres across the 10 provinces.

He stated that the party had sought guidance from the Ministry of Health and that it has been on how to proceed with its intraparty elections in the wake of the second wave of thw novel coronavirus.

He added that about 300 people will hold a zoom meeting to elect members of the party’s NMC.

“Yesterday, the Provincial Chairmen from the 10 provinces approved our roadmap towards the holding of the General Conference slated for February 2021 and agreed that we will have satellite elections in 10 Provincial Centres, ” he said.

Nkombo, who stated that every bonafide member of the party was free to vie for a position in the NMC, clarrified that those wanting to aspire for a position on the highest decision making organ of the party needed to be endorsed by at least 3 provinces.

“The qualifications is that every bonafide member of the UPND is free to contest any position of the party including that of the President. The nominations will remain open from after 16 hours yesterday until 12 hours 6th February, 2021,” stated Nkombo.

He also stated that a number of NGOs and Faith-based Organizations had been engaged to head the party’s Electoral Commission.

“We have engaged a number of NGOs and Churches to help run the UPND Electoral Commission. We have Judith Mulenga of CiSCA who will be assisted by Pamela Chisanga of Water Aid, who will in turn be assisted by MacDonald Chipenzi of GEARS. Other individuals are from OSIDA whom we have hired in their individual capacity because they are willing to do the job for a minimal fee or at no cost at all. You ensure that for you to qualify apart from being a bonafide member, one must be holder of an NRC and voters card and supported by not less than 3 provinces. For the Presidential candidates, one must be supported by 5 Provinces,” clarrified Nkombo.

The holding of the intraparty elections is in line with Article 60 of the Zambian Constitution as well as Article 51 and 60 of the UPND party Constitution.

Meanwhile, the incumbent Hakainde Hichilema has filed in his nomination forms to contest as United Party for National Development (UPND) President at UPND Secretariat. Names of the other challenging him are yet to be known.


  1. This is what UPND missed the past 15yrs, so it’s good that they’re holding their elective convention. If Hichilema is challenged there’s a likelihood of violence against supporters of his opponent. Ensure that people are not left stranded after elections.

  2. My Heritage Party President, the hotty Kateka, has not signed my clearance letter. We can’t let HH go unopposed.

  3. A step in the right direction. However, it is sad that this is happening a few months before elections and so gives the incumbent leader unfair advantage. I doubt any reasonable party would want to change leadership so close to the elections. Regardless, we hope it is a step in the right direction and a new way for the upnd. Kind regards,

    Prayer made me whole again. I am a proud born again.

  4. A step in the right direction. However, it is sad that this is happening a few months before elections and so gives the incumbent leader unfair advantage. I doubt any reasonable party would want to change leadership so close to the elections. Regardless, we hope it is a step in the right direction and a new way for the upnd. Kind regards,


  5. A step in the right direction. However, it is sad that this is happening a few months before elections and so gives the incumbent leader unfair advantage.



  7. It is of no consequence I tell you.
    Nothing comes out’a dead camp.
    Kleptoh² is a default kid to the helm. Besides, ” only a Tonga to rule UPNDEAD” Kwekwekwekwe but not Zambia.
    Zed 100%
    Elite Zambians 100%
    ECL 100%
    Zambia Overdrive 100%

  8. I hope someone with balls geniuely challenges him to give him a run for his money…he is too comfortable!!

  9. Who will challenge HH when upnd is HH and HH is upnd. Don’t forget jow HH became the party president the president for upnd will always be a Tomga Sakwiba was hounded out. So lets not talk as if upnd has any option apart from the son for Seer 1 HH

  10. someone with balls? In the UPND? Forget it. Those with balls are usually kicked out of the party. Remember the Banda guy? Even GBM?

  11. KZ is critiquing the UPND Convention instead of telling us when PF is holding KZ its Convention. Since ECL has been elected and sworn in twice is the PF fielding him against the provisions of the Constitution? A President can only serve for a maximum of 10 years so is ECL going to pursue his Third Term Dream? Time will tell.

  12. We are now waiting to see what PF will do. Will it be an in person or Virtual Convention? Will ECL file his Nomination for a Third Term? All eyes on PF.

  13. What balls? When all of the members have hh’s balls in their mouths..

    Oh God forgive me for my sins a born again I had a relapse.

  14. LT deliberately put nkombos picture on this article, but we all know that nkombo doe snot have balls too because he is fed by hh.

    My family and I have just finished our prayers. I was not going to drink but diaspora raised a good point that there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. So I am just hammering some dom perignon. I am drinking in Christian fashion.

  15. It is true, so it will be a tonga who will be chosen leader in the upnd.

    Watching this space.

    It is a dummy conference.

  16. That is how intraparty elections are conducted, a model has been set and let Zambians know which other parties will hold similar elections of their parties. We also welcome the aspiration of Mr Mudenda who intends to compete for the post of UPND too. Both candidates will avail their credentials to the voting delegates to vote for them. This is not by mobs in provinces declaring sole candidate as we hear in other parties.

  17. Meanwhile King Lungu will go unopposed at his panga Mafia convention. Whoever will challenge him will face the wrath of his kaponya,a with pagas. The God fearing humble drunk to have ruled Zed. Clap for King Lungu
    ladiess and gentlemen’s

  18. Am telling on Presidential position forget there is no election on that . It is well known the owner of UPND they are just blind folded on people to say they had election. Also see the NGOs invited all of them are HH UPND supporters the likes of Chimpanzi sorry Chenzi , Pamela Chisanga , Judith Mulenga of CiSCA these are fed by HHHHHH

  19. Kwena bwafya. If we the so called intellectuals can think and analyse a very simple matter of a party holding a convention according to its constitution and in line with the provisions of the electoral act like this, what about the non-intellectuals? How will they analyse this? And can we salvage any leaders from this debate? Awe ine na maka yapwa.

  20. These are very interesting questions to ask KZ:
    1.When is PF going to hold its Convention b4 August 12,2021?
    2.Is ECL going to fill in his Nomination Form for a Third Term?
    3. The Zambia Constitution says u cannot stand for Nomination if “u have been elected and sworn in twice ” as President of Zambia. ECL was elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. So is ECL going to breach the Zambia Constitution?
    4. The Constitution says a President can on serve as a President for 2 five years terms but up to a maximum term of 10 years. Is ECL going breach this Constitutional Provision? If ECL steals a Third Term in August 2021 by August 2026 he will have served 11 years and 6months. This is illegal and unconstitutional.
    ECL and PF have more questions to answer!

  21. Garry, I know and trust that you can challenge HH and even beat him, therefore I am asking you to go for it. It could be your time brother

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