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Goals Highlights of Zambia’s 3-1 loss to Morocco




  1. God forgive me for what I am about to say as a new born again.

    These boys have embarrassed us. This shows the indiscipline in zambian football. If I was watching this game I would have personally gone on the pitch and phucked them up with punches and whlpping. F00lish waste of my Sunday

    • The defence played worse than a team just chosen from section 8 in Kantanshi today to play Morocco in the afternoon. Only the keeper looked a bit like a professional

  2. Just quarantine them for 10 days. Be serious with Covid-19. Stop mass gatherings in stadiums. Leaders lead by example.

  3. To be honest I am not surprised …I mean where have you seen professional International footballers cooking nshima in a big pot for themselves or making sandwiches…Kamanga should be ashamed of himself you should have reserved 4 seats on that flight a Chef, 2 cooks and a Dietician. Even eating nshima before a game is not advisable….your opponents will work you into the ground because you will tire out quickly.

  4. Alan Chibwe saved us from further embarrassment. Our defenders were spectators. Also a defender should not be swinging his arms when defending in the box. The team looks good actually but the coach had already conceded defeat.

  5. This is reflection of the local league standards and the economy as a whole.The great old days, when the mines, security institutions and parastatals handsomely sponsored football in Zambia are long gone.
    The 2017 Africa Junior triumph was just a fluke . Those wins in COSAFA don’t really help on the African or international scene.
    The economy is completely destroyed and funds are scarce.This issue is beyond FAZ , Kamanga or coach Micho.

    It is the second default
    Lusaka — Zambia skipped a $56.1m coupon payment on January 30 on its Eurobond maturing in 2027, the finance ministry confirmed on Sunday.

  7. We have a useless coach. We settle for substandard personnel. Which country did he coach before coming to Zambia? His CV is poor for national team work. Take him to Kabwe warriors…..and he had a questionable character. This pervert is wanted in South Africa for indecent assault charges

    • Don’t just bark. Research. The guy has a very good record. He coached Uganda turning them from nonentities into the force they have now become. Orlando pirates were winners in 2007 when he first coached them and were struggling when he returned but they were in the top 3 when he left. Also Zamalek won a cup when he coached them

  8. Why should a team from wht we’re told is God’s own country be humiliated like this? Ati ‘bola na Lesa’. The fact is there’s nothing like God’s intervention in sport unless it would be a sin for the other side to win. It’s just as bad witchcraft whereby sangomas tell u to kill a bat and bury it on the centre circle.

  9. There is no football in Zambia anymore, surprisingly you are even debating, there is no real talent anymore, nothing to do with a coach. we don’t score goals, Coach Burkhard Ziese said I don’t score goals on resigning some years ago, even winning the Africa cup once in 2012 is a serious under achievement for a country which wrongly describes itself as a soccer nation, but we like saying things that don’t exist, how can we even call ourselves a Christian nation when salvation is a personal issue, too much jokes

  10. Talent we always hv but these are rough diamonds that need polishing. There’s always a chance to rebuild and try again. This is football. I disagree that it’s Andrew Kamanga’s fault. It’s more complicated than that.

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