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19 year old arrested for creating fake social media accounts for Inspector General of Police


Police in Lusaka have charged and arrested a 19 year old suspect identified as Aaron Luyako aged 19 for personating a public Officer and Obtaining money by false pretense.

This follows investigations into a matter in which a fake Instagram account was opened in the name of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Kakoma Kanganja.

Investigations revealed that the instagram account had been opened using mobile number 0972493805.

The same mobile number was used to open other social media accounts on facebook and Whats App in the Inspector General’s names Kakoma Kanganja inviting members of the public to meet the Inspector General of Police.

It was further revealed that the mobile number 0972495805 was also used to solicit money in the Inspector General’s name.

Investigations aimed at establishing the owner of the mobile number led to Kalululushi where a male person identified as Aaron Luyako aged 19 was apprehended and was found in possession of a handset and Subscriber Identification Card (SIM-cards) which are suspected to have been used to open the fake social media accounts and swindle unsuspecting members of the public.

Various individuals and organizations were swindled of money amounting to K43, 290 between May, 2020 and January 2021.

The suspect has been formally charged and arrested for personating a Public Officer, Contrary to section 102 and obtaining money by false pretenses contrary to Section 309 of CAP 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia and he will appear in court soon.

This is according to a press statement made available to ZANIS by Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. That’s a good arrest and prosecution. Now Bwana Kaganja go also arrest all the police officers collecting bribes with the same zeal.

  2. This young man must have nothing to do and be very bored. Perhaps once convicted, Prison will keep him very busy. I hope other young people learn from this case.

    • Hello my diaspora lady, I tell you these kids have lost respect for elders and authority. Most of them are being promised lies by upnd. Just look at this boy tarino trying to get your attention. Kiki

  3. This also shows how rotten society has become. Even those who gave him money must be arrested to explain why they would give money to a public officer who has a job and they owe him nothing, just because he is IG?

  4. IG Kanganja has been quick on this crime and that swift action is commended to curb cyber crime and punish culprits. However, Zambians are waiting the announcements of the names that pulled the trigger that killed Nsama Nsama Chipyoka and Josepk Kaunda by his police service. Police should not leave the general public guessing and speculating. Police has named Aaron Lukonya as a fake account social media creator and charged him. What is different with one who killed 2 innocent Zambians.

  5. These are f00ls who deserve dirty slaps. Give me 1 minute with them because I can produce 50 slaps in a minute

  6. Indeed they’ve lost respect. Also, I’ve noticed that there’s a spike in suicide cases in Zambia, I think we need to look into mental health further. Kids are killing themselves because of failing an examination. Some resilience needs to be pumped into students and mental health given a boost.

    • It is this same human rights and gender equality nonsense that has made our youth soft. I was surprised to find a young boy crying and threatening to take his own life after his pet fish had died. I called his parents and told them off for raising a snow flake. Men have lost their masculinity.

  7. Growing up if I ever cried over nonsense my parents would give me some memorable dirty slaps. To date I still have flashbacks of those slaps whenever I am doing something I shouldn’t be.

    I remember one time my parents asked me to slap myself until jesus returned to earth.


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