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Fr. Lupupa’s sermon was on governance, it’s not targeted at any individual or Political Party-Sunday Chanda

Headlines Fr. Lupupa's sermon was on governance, it's not targeted at any individual...

The Ruling Patriotic Front has expressed shock that the UPND is agitated by Fr. Lupupa’s sermon on governance when his message was general and not targeted at any individual or political party.

Featuring on 5 FM Radio’s ‘Burning Issue’ program Thursday Morning, Mr. Chanda said Fr. Lupupa’s message should not be trivialized by UPND but should be understood in its broad context. He said what the priest implied was that Zambia did not require a divisive leader but one who preaches unity and peace.

“Father Lupupa’s core message as I understand it was him speaking to the heart of a leader and what type of leader, what type of person should be in Statehouse, and he qualifies it by saying that a person who is aspiring for leadership and a person who aspires to be President should not be driven by bitterness and should not be driven by vengeance,” he stated.

He wondered why UPND was attacking the innocent priest when they have in the recent past cheered whenever Archbishop Telesphor Mpundu and Chief Mukuni on several platforms engaged in active politics attacking and insulting the government and the Ruling Party.

“He didn’t mention anyone’s name, where I come from “batila Imbila yamushi tabayasukila” (you don’t respond to a message that is not targeted at you.) So why are our colleagues in UPND up in arms about father Lupupa’s message?” said. Mr. Chanda.

He said God will never allow a divisive person to lead the nation unless his sore purpose is punishment.

“God will never allow a dangerous person to become President unless he wants to punish the nation, what wrong have we done to deserve a dangerous leader who is going to divide and bring confusion to set the nation ablaze ?” He questioned.

He said PF will not engage in the politics of INSULTS especially those targeted at traditional leaders and the church. He said the party will always respect divergent views even those that it does not agree with.

He said that is the reason why President Edgar Lungu has always been tolerant.

Asked on whether he will contest the KANCHIBIYA Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming elections in August, Mr. Chanda said he was working and seeking counsel from the incumbent MP Dr. Martin Malama, but was quick to mention that adoptions were a preserve of the Central Committee.

He has since commended Zambians for entrusting President Edgar Lungu with the mandate to lead and transform the nation as evidenced by several developmental projects .


  1. Don’t support wrong things. It was wrong for a man of God to be in support of rigging.
    He can support any political party he feels like, but he should be in support of letting the will of the people prevail.

    • The PF spin doctor trying to belittle the intelligence of the citizenry! Say whatever you may so wish for like a “star” father Lupupa delivered his sermon! I wonder on his preparatory skill whether he takes into consideration what could inflame the congregation as he tries to turn them more “Jesus like” in behavior or that he could be inviting bees to himself! Anyway most of us know the ‘true to their calling Catholics.’

  2. That’s what the hutu goverment spokesman was saying regarding the hutu extremist priests radio broadcasts prior to the genocide in Rwanda ……

  3. What governance is there in suggesting rigging of elections in and by itself an illegality? It is actually suggesting usurpation of the Constitutional order to one of lawlessness. There can be no justification for that.

  4. I feel Sunday Chanda doesn’t understand his role as a Media Director because really does he think we are so dull to fail to contextualise what Father Lupupa said in that video. It’s not always that he has to be defensive even when it’s clear that someone has said something wrong. It’s very annoying and irritating to the Zambian populace to defend wrong things.

  5. Sunday Chanda is deliberately misinterpreting what Fr Lupupa said about Election Rigging. Fr Lupupa urged ECL and PF to rig the August 2021 Elections to retain Power. Fr Lupupa got it wrong. Godly Leaders are appointed by God. Evil Leaders who rig Elections and are not appointed by God. Rigging Elections is not only a Crime but a Sin against God. Sunday Chanda and Fr Lupupa should realise that it is HH’s time to Govern Zambia with blessings from God. Time will tell!

  6. You tell people that it’s better to rig elections than to allow Zambians to choose other leaders. Is this governance?
    Why should you subvert the will of people if they have decided.
    He should change his name to FRIDAY CHANDA. Maybe he will be thinking differently.

  7. August 12, 2021 is 6 months away, The voters will confirm that there has been no governance is PF but looting the public purse. defective condoms, 48 houses, fire tenders, ambulances, Covid19 funds, missing $17 million missing from the ministry of health infrastructure procurement (inflated costs). The list is endless. Certainly there no governance to talk about from PF government.
    Nowadays the current educated Zambians in PF are the worst enemy of democracy. How can you say Father Lupupa was talking about governance when it was clear what he was talking about, and surely he was not about governance. we had some hope in the catholic standing up to injustices from government but now it looks like brown envelopes has penetrated the very core value the stood for.

  8. The guilty are always afraid. They are quick to condemn things that are not even directed at them. The upnd need to grow up before I throw some dirty slaps at them.

    Their supporters in diaspora insult me here every day and yet in private messages on social media they beg me for money. It hurts to be ignored ka?

  9. Shame!
    Watch “Chishimba Kambwili was Betrayed” on YouTube

    Watch “Father Lupupa; tribalism” on YouTube

  10. The PF will always defend even the most outrageously dangerously stupid statement as long as it comes from one of their own. None of them have the spine to identify with the majority who may be incensed by a treasonous and divisive statement that had come out of Lupupa. They will defend tribalistic statements as long they are meant to disparage HH. What kind of coward are these?

  11. Wow, PF is blushing! Like really, if they had any element of respect left, they would pretend to condemn the unconstitutional method of usurping power, just to show people that they are honorable but no. That’s why they say a person who is drunk or in love can’t hide.

  12. @ Kaizar Zulu, anyone advocating for rigging as a way to determine our next president is directing it at any right thinking Zambian. Its just shameful and completely indefensible. He is free to express his political preference – but NOT to advocate rigging. This should be roundly condemned, irrespective of one’s political leaning. Let’s raise the bar as a citizenry and seek to operate out of good conscience.

  13. It is outrageous and ungodly for a Man of the Cloth to justify Election Rigging . Election Rigging is not only a Crime but a Sin b4 God. Evil leaders who advocate and justify Election Rigging cannot be said to be appointed by God. Fr Lupupa’s implied admission is that ECL cannot win the upcoming August 2021 thru a Popular vote; he will have to rig the Election to retain Power. On this Prophecy ,Fr Lupupa is spot on. Fr Lupupa must realise that Rigging Elections brings about Political Instability in a Country. Rigged Elections lead to illegitimacy and illegitimacy leads Sanctions from the International Community. Zambians will suffer more if the August 2021 Elections are Violent and disputed. The writing is on the wall.

  14. Madilu system is back, hey Monday Chanda or Sondo Chanda, you’re busy sponsoring priest to spread hate speech that’s evil.

    Why would one promote rigging in church and that’s unchristian?

    PF must go!

  15. Stupid fool u mean u can’t understand what the priest meant? This type of priest hoods can divide the nation.pls let’s be very careful as we approach Elections because ba Lupupa balifuma munshila.As I’m writing this information some parishioner have tjoght twice either to continue praying there on go to some other churches.

  16. It is Fr Lupupa’s Right to choose a Party and support a Leader of his choice. It is however wrong 4 a Man of God to justify the Rigging of Elections. Rigging Elections is not only a Crime but a Sin b4 God. Evil Leaders who rig Elections cannot claim to be appointed by God. Fr Lupupa should apologize and repent 4 his ungodly comments against our Constitutional Democracy. Rigged Elections undermine our Constitutional Democracy leading to Political Instability in our Motherland. Fr Lupupa should confess and repent for his Election Rigging Sins.

  17. Was it an interview, or he was just speaking? I thought the interviewer was supposed to ask him how agitating for rigging an election is governance. instead he asks about contesting kanchibiya???? ????

  18. The priest was wrong to suggest rigging elections as a way to deal with his perceived evil candidates. It is people’s choice to decide who they want to govern them wether that candidate is evil or not. It is not up to fr Lupupa to decide on behalf of the people. If he sees evil in a certain candidate many people see hope in that same candidate. Jesus Christ was crucified by the Jews because the thought that he was evil. To us Christians he is our saviour. So stop deciding on behalf of people on who should not govern them. More over rigging is wrong from whatever angle you look at it from.

  19. Some crooked Zambians defend the indefensible-know them by their character as troubled in mind even where they come from.

  20. The pf has lost popularity the only way to stay in power is by rigging that’s what this means Sunday Chanda your party has not distanced itself from the rigging formula being promoted and propagated by father Lupupa

  21. The irrelevant useless Sunday Chanda at it again. Shallow propaganda that a 2 year old can see through. Conveniently, as with so many cadres here, ignoring the rigging sentiments and divisive statements of a supposed ‘role model’ of a priest.

  22. Unfortunately we have allowed a political organization full of mentally unstable people to introduce equally their mentally wanting clergy into our institutions of morality were political power has no meaning to anyone but those pretending the basis of leadership is having unstable minds is the normal as long as one is speaking for the leadership of unstable reasoning. We are now under a government of the ridiculous backed by religions of buffoons.

  23. It is very obvious that the Father was referring to the opposition. The PF even knows this, that’s why they are defending this shameless Father. Rigging elections is tantamount to stealing. It is shocking a Father on the Pulpit is advocating stealing. God come fast and heal this wicked land

  24. Ba Sunday my elder brother you are missing the point. The preaching was perfect BUT it was destroyed by the word BETTER WE RIG. In short better we still. No man of God on earth can preach stilling no matter what.

  25. All in All its wrong and dangerous to encourage the ruling Party to RIG Elections. So bad to say. Even the top leaders inclusive the president cannot say its better to rig elections. I think that Father sometning is wrong in his brain. have forgetten what happen in Rwanda 1994. Father you are a dangerous person to the Republic of Zambia.

  26. But he has apologized for the statements he made ba Mbuya ba Chanda, meaning he misled his congregants and Zambians at large. So, ba Mbuya ba Chanda you’re justifying a corrected issue. Don’t remain in the wrong. That’s how you will be behaving much August ka…. Kupeza ati bwato imbira mumanzi imwe muzayamba kukamba ati, tizapulumuka. Muzanya banyama imwe.

  27. On one hand Hakainde Hichilema makes an emotional appeal to the Church to intervene and bring all the political parties on table for sincere dialogue and on the other, jumps to conclusions without understanding what the priest has said. It is beyond comprehension of a sane person.

  28. I have heard Fr Lupapa very carefully. He never said what he is being criticised of. It is deliberate attempt by the fake news factories to malign his image and defame the Church. Sunday Chanda is absolutely right, Fr Lupapa had a limited point on the virtues and qualities of a leader who aspires to go the State House. He only meant that whosoever goes there, should not demean the post and country. Where is the matter of favouring any politician or political party?

  29. This is the height of hypocrisy. Hakainde Hichilema and his party did not even blink an eye when religious leaders supported him unequivocal manner from public forums. Was that ok?

  30. At such a crucial juncture, Hakainde Hichilema should talk about his so called development plan for the country. Such theatrics are not going to help in any manner. Gone are the days when voters used to get convinced with falsehood.

  31. Twisting the facts and presenting the false picture to public is the favourite pass time of the slave media. But thank God, there are people like Sunday Chanda who rip apart the lies and expose the perpetrators.

  32. HH should have thought thousand times over before insulting the man of God. His list of sins is ever growing. Now God will definitely punish him. In first place, Fr Lupapa never said anything like what is being attributed to him, and most importantly, PF doesn’t need to rig elections to defeat you. It is your fate now.

  33. If not kindergarten dropout, you must have walked out of school. Only the one who has not completed his education can come up with such a silly argument.

  34. This is a petty issue. Nation has many more important tasks at hand. So, without wasting time and energy on such non-issues Hakainde Hichilema should focus on learning a lesson or two from President Edgar Lungu. That might help him win next elections.

  35. Is this matter that critical to create such a hue and cry? It is surprising that instead of attending to other national issues, some politicians are busy exploiting this for personal gains. Shame on you all.

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