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President Edgar Lungu Congratulates Felix Tshisekedi as new African Union Chair

Headlines President Edgar Lungu Congratulates Felix Tshisekedi as new African Union...

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated Felix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on his election as African Union Chair for the year 2021 and further commended Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa the past Chairperson.

In contributing to the deliberations on Africa’s response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the President stated that Zambia is undertaking internal consultations on the possibility of availing safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to the Zambian people to successfully control the pandemic.
The President stated that a task force of local experts and scientists had been set up to advise on the whole process and ensure due diligence is followed in the deployment and administration of the vaccines to the general population.

The President regretted that the pandemic, which is currently in its second wave and intensified by a new strain of the virus, had put pressure and strain on the health service delivery system.

The Head of State emphasized the need for expansion of infrastructure for diagnosis of cases and patient management; the capacity to produce enough oxygen; and the strengthening of supply chain, as well as the ability to produce certain essential commodities locally.
“We are, indeed, living in extremely difficult times where, amongst many other challenges, most of our health systems are under pressure due to the unfortunate increase of COVID-19 patients and deaths.

However, through the Africa CDC, the Commission has been able to provide technical and material support which has been instrumental in strengthening our capacity to respond to the pandemic with adequate skills and knowledge,” the President said.
The Head of State acknowledged Zambia’s receipt of the COVID-19 assistance package of the Jack Ma Foundation, which greatly assisted in the prevention and control of the outbreak of the disease during the first wave.

The President further applauded the Commission and the Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC), for the continued leadership and guidance including the implementation of the Africa Joint Continental Strategy for COVID-19 and the establishment of the African Union COVID-19 Response Fund.

President Lumgu was represented bu Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Joseph Malanji, M.P wjo read the remarks on his behalf.

Hon. Malanji is representing His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia at the 34th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union.

The two-day Summit is being held via videoconferencing due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Hon. Malanji is accompanied by Hon. Ministers of Health and Commerce Trade and Industry. Also in attendance are the Permanent Secretaries from the respective Ministries and other senior Government officials from the Ministries of Justice, Health, Commerce and Tourism. The Embassy of Zambia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is also in attendance.

The Summit has been convened under the theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We want”.

The highlight of this year’s Summit will be elections of the senior leadership of the African Union Commission. Zambia has sponsored the candidature of Ambassador Albert Muchanga, who is seeking re-election as Commissioner for Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Mining. The President has also supported the candidature of His Excellency Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat, the current Commission Chairperson who is seeking re-election.

This is according to the statement issued by issued by Chansa Kabwela, Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. Great to see two pan Africanists working hand in hand. I feel proud to be an African knowing we have exceptional leaders to lead us. I don’t need to run away to Europe to be led by my former colonials masters to feel successful.

  2. I am undertaking a survey of voting patterns in the next election.



  3. Rewarding corrupt African leaders. Idi Amin was once given the chairmanship. The AU is a club of greedy people who have done nothing but messed up Africa. We are still fighting and impoverishing each other over the last 60 years. High sounding speeches have done nothing to better the lives of our people. By now, Africa could have had a real development bank that can be accessed by the common African the way China’s banks are but not so. We call ourselves African union but even within our own countries there is tribal disunity. We need federations first.

  4. The AU is an ingenious concept but it’s leaders have not done much to harness it’s potential. This is why Africans are always looking outside their borders for economic support, political orientation and cultural verification. Instead of just being a meeting place for summits, the AU must become a place of action to meet specific needs of people on the continent. Why meet to talk about Arts, Culture and Heritage when you have not even created a single institution to uphold it nor done anything to reclaim the numerous pieces of stolen African Art still being exhibited in European museums?

  5. ECL is very happy to see the DRC President takeover the AU Chairmanship as he schemes to get a Third Term and rig the August 2021 Elections. The New AU Chairman will be crucial, should the Zambian Elections be violent and disputed. Malawi is the current Chairman of SADC and given that Chakwera is a product of an Election Run Off his Role in the Zambian Elections in August 2021 could be worrying ECL. ECL expects the Chairmen of SADC and AU to recognise him as President of Zambia even if the Election is rigged, disputed and Petitioned. He expects both SADC and AU to recognise him as a legitimate President of Zambia. That’s what the Congratulations is all about.ECL fears that a Rigged and Disputed Election might not be recognised by both SADC and AU .The writing is on the wall.

  6. This is an interesting devt should the August 12,2021 Election be disputed. By August 1, 2021 the following will oberve and possibly mediate in the Zambian Election:
    1. President of Malawi- SADC Chairman
    2.President of DRC-AU Chairman
    3.President of South Africa- Chairman SADC Troika
    No wonder ECL is congratulating President Tshikedi. He will need him in this Election Season. Given that President of Malawi is a product of a disputed and Petitioned Election it will interesting to see how President Chakwera will handle the Zambian Election should it be violent and Disputed.We can’t wait 4 the 12th August 2021.

  7. One is leading a ramshackle strife torn country and the other is leading a bankrupt country with a collapsing economy.These 2 men are mediocre.

  8. Is Edith Nawakwi working very hard to become Lungu’s running mate or is it a classic case of elective amnesia by an opposition leader?
    Watch “Edith Nawakwi Back with Fire & Evidence.” on YouTube

  9. ECL hopes that the Chairmen of SADC and AU will endorse the August 12,2021 Election Results even they are rigged in his favour. We shall see if President Chakwera will approve a rigged and Disputed Election in Zambia after his own experience with rigged Elections in Malawi. We can’t wait 4 August 12,2021.

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