Traders in Lusaka bemoan the high cost of doing business amid the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic


Marketers in Lusaka have bemoaned the high cost of doing business amid the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

Gertrude Phiri a trader at Soweto market in Lusaka said the prices for a bale of second hand clothes also known as “salaula” has gone up and it has contributed to the slow pace of business as most customers are failing to easily adapt to changes in new prices.

Mrs. Phiri noted that one bale of salaula which was selling at K2500 before the second wave of COVID -19 is now selling at K4500.

She attributed the increase in prices to poor supply as most of the second hand clothes are imported from Europe and America and that they are the countries which have been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said the rapid increase in the price of the commodity has led to the increase in the prices of second hand clothes.

“The cost of doing business is not stable amid the COVID-19 pandemic as prices are going up every day and so we are left with no choice but to increase the prices if we are to make profit,” she said.

She said the situation has made the pace of the business to be slow as most people are complaining that the increment in price is too much for them.

Meanwhile, Joseph Banda a customer also complained of the increase of prices for buying second hand clothes as a pair of pants which was being sold at k100 is now selling at k190.

“In the second wave of the pandemic goods and products have become expensive for an ordinary person,” he said.


  1. These highs costs are linked to inflation,Kwacha devaluation ,forex scarcity and high debts. That’s all due to backward PF economics.

  2. There is a difference between Marketeers and Marketers..Marketeers operate in markets.. marketers are professionals with degrees and diplomas operating from air-conditioned offices.????????????

  3. Appropriate picture to illustrate the story showing massive infrastructure development and traders going about life trading from that infrastructure.

  4. Sadly it is a global phenomenon. We as government are doing all we can to cushion the effects of covid. It is during such times that you see diasporans in other African countries like Nigeria Ghana etc helping their relatives back home by sending forex. However you won’t see such with the unpatriotic upnd diasporans. All they do is insult and criticize government. Anyway we understand that they are broke there abroad and living off the states there.

  5. @ Kaizar

    You are obsessed with “Diasporans”.
    Come on with arguments, and not always with the same hammering of ‘Diasporans’.
    Have you run out of ideas?

  6. Remember a few years back the US threatened a few countries who were trying to put a cap on salaula. Now is your chance. Adapt! Adapt! Adapt! Mwebo! Take advantage of opportunity when it is on a silver platter. Those high prices are telling you to seek out new opportunities! Come on!!!!!

  7. Ivo learn to read. My comment says upnd diasporans and not diasporans. The fact that my post has annoyed you means that you fit that bill. So you’re a upnd supporter ?

  8. Indeed it will be a tough tide but with time things will begin to get better. The pandemic has hit all economies globally. It shall be well.

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