FAZ Remits Sponsorship Money to Super Division and Division 1 Clubs


All the FAZ Super Division and Division One clubs have received their first half of their seasonal sponsorship dues from Football House.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said the they have remitted the SuperSport TV packages to the 18 top-flight clubs while the other 18 second tier teams have also gotten their dues from sponsor Eden University and Top Star TV.

“I am glad to announce that FAZ has disbursed K500, 000 to each of the 18 Super League teams that are entitled to K1 Million per season. The second batch will be disbursed once the sponsors avail the second component of the sponsorship,” Kashala said.

Kashala said the Division One clubs will get K50, 000 each which is half of the K100, 000 annual allocations.

The Division one package is was increased to K100, 000 per club in the new deal this season from K22, 000 in the old package.

“As you know transparency and accountability is one of our core values and we will always keep our doors open in the manner we conduct our business,” Kashala said.