High number of teenage pregnancies worry PPAZ


Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) has expressed concern at the increased number of teenage pregnancies thereby calling for heightened interventions to curb the situation.

PPAZ Acting Executive Director, Beatrice Mbumwae disclosed that according to the Zambia Demographic health survey of 2018 estimates about 29 percent of young people have fallen pregnant.

Ms. Mbumwae added that teenage pregnancies are quite high as evidenced by the number of pupils dropping out of school in the recent past.

She urged that the issue cannot be solved by an individual organisation but through concerted efforts by various parties.

“When you look at the periodic statistical bulletin of the Ministry of General Education, the numbers of children dropping out of school as a result of teenage pregnancy,” Ms. Mbumwae stated.

ZANIS reports that Speaking at an advocacy training for Journalists and media houses, Ms. Mbumwae stressed that the issue should be of concern not only to PPAZ but also other stakeholders hence the need to train media personnel on the importance of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for adolescents.

She observed that the topic has received various views from society, not only due to societal norms but because people are not well informed.

Ms. Mbumwae said that partnership with the media will help build a strong detailed system that will enhance information dissemination especially among young people.

She noted that Zambia is signatory to various regional instruments and has implemented policies that support the implementation of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in the country but that guardians as well as government and private institutions are not doing more to this effect.

She indicated that accurate information on comprehensive sexual education will help children make informed decisions that will reduce teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. Covid is not helping at all. Nostra people who use condoms are committing abortion. So how can you judge those that abort through other means

  2. Is PPAZ a person to have emotions such as to ‘worry?’
    This is how you end up killing unborn babies in the name of an institution. Speak for yourselves. There is no population problem in the world. The earth is capable of sustaining 50 billion people. The reason why it looks like it cannot is because of human greed. 10% of the world’s population hold 90% of its wealth. Some of them never even raised a finger to work.

  3. You will find that a lot of kids are being abused by married old men.

    The law needs to probe each and every teenage pregnancy.

    These are the issues Kampyongo should be pursuing, not innocent citizens.

  4. The increased number of teenage pregnancies is as a result of defective honey bee condoms and ZAMMSA holding on to contraceptives that eventually expired period!

  5. PF is the causer of this raise in girls pregnancies, because of no employment for youths, they have no jobs all they do is to sleep with girls instead of them to go for work.

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