President Lungu congratulates Ambassador Muchanga

Zambian Ambassador Albert Muchanga.
Zambian Ambassador Albert Muchanga.

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated Ambassador Albert Muchanga on his re-election as African Union (AU) Commissioner for Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Mining at the just ended two day 34th ordinary session of the African Union Heads of State and Government virtual summit.

In a press statement issued to the media in Lusaka by Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe, President Lungu said Ambassador Muchanga’s re-election should inspire Zambians to get international jobs and soar the country’s flag high.

“Ambassador Muchanga’s re-election is not just a victory for himself, but for Zambia. I therefore wish to encourage Zambians to vie for international jobs” said President Lungu.

The Head of State has also congratulated Moussa Faki Mahamat of Chad for his endorsement as AU Chairperson following his resounding two thirds majority vote endorsement during the just ended African Union Heads of State and Government virtual summit.

President Lungu also applauded Dr Monique Nsanzabaganwa of Rwanda on her election as Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission.

President Lungu expressed confidence that the new office bearers will steer the African Union agenda to greater heights amidst the ravaging Covid 19 pandemic that continues to adversely affect the African continent.

“There is an urgent need for the African Continent to drive its own agenda, and particularly the African Union Institutional Reform process. I am therefore confident that Mr Mahamat, his deputy and other office bearers of the AU Commission will make significant contributions to the AU Commission, in particular, and the African Union in general” said President Lungu.

President Lungu also congratulated Angolan Ambassador Josefa Sacko who was re-elected as Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment.

Dr Amani Zeid from Egypt was also re-elected as Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy while Ambassador Bankole Adeoye was elected Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security.

Mr Chipampe said elections for the position of Commissioner Education, Science, Technology as well as Social Affairs and Health will be held at later AU meetings.


  1. He got a better job than any PF minister or PF president of corruption.
    Anyone with a chance to leave Zambia, do so. Even Chitalu Chilufya should just get a job abroad. His “riches” he honestly earned has been mixed in PF sh!t.

  2. His “riches” he honestly earned with Honey Bee defective and substandard medical supplies. Riches of corruption whose effects is now affecting us Zambians should get a job may be in Congo. Katele Kalumba is now chief headman somewhere.

  3. Appointments and elections in the AU, UN etc are not on merit but willy-dealing and lobbying with give me that and take this. What do they do these people? At least in the EU you can see the effects of their work affecting the grassroots in the far reaches of Europe and that is why Brexit happened. People are stealing Africa’s wealth from the Congo and the AU is sleeping.

  4. Do you think any PF ministers would get a job overseas, you having a laugh mate.

    Need to bring BBC HARD TALK Host to Zambia and interview lungu. Intead of sweat he will be sweating blood.

  5. Any sound mind knows that the positions of director, commissioner and above require government lobbying. Yes the candidate may have requisite qualifications, but no matter how many times you apply for the job you will NEVER get it…the applications have to be processed by the Embassy and Foreign Affairs….so really Amb Albert deserves to be congratulated as does the team that did battle to ensure he got in….to our merit he scored the highest on initial screening…was however ranked second…but during the competency based interview he was kilometers ahead of the class….

  6. Hard talk for who? Let hh continue having hard talks with his masters who he answers to. Here we don’t have time for useless hardtalks. Does hardtalk win elections?

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