MISA urges the media to be accurate

Hellen Mwale

Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) in Zambia has urged media institutions to be accurate in their reporting.

MISA Chairperson Hellen Mwale said credibility is developed and earned around reporting accurate information when practicing journalism.

“To earn the trust and public confidence, we have to be responsible journalists, to be responsible journalists means that we have to report the truth,” Ms. Mwale said.

In an interview with ZANIS, Ms. Mwale said to avoid inaccuracy in reporting, the media needs to make sure that the news is right before disseminating to the public by checking the facts.

She said the reason why journalists should check the facts is that the information is telling the true story in which the facts will add up to a larger truth.

“As we report, there should be quality control in news writing,” Ms. Mwale said.

MISA Chairperson also said journalists should confirm that they know the sources for every factual assertion in the story.


  1. This is true but some sites like zambia watchdog cannot be changed so the only way is to ban them in Zambia. I am working on a very powerful proposal to government to ban all inaccurate media houses

  2. Exactly!! Just the other day I saw an article about Bishop Milingo’s demise. Isn’t that story a fake?? Some media platforms still proudly relay information without confirmation. It’s time to shut down those that are non compliant.

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