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Chief Sokontwe Introduces One Household-One Hectare Agricultural policy


Chief Sokontwe of the Ushi Speaking People in Milenge District of Luapula Province has introduced a one household-one hectare agricultural policy in his chiefdom.

Chief Sokontwe explained that following this policy, every household in his chiefdom is expected to grow crops on not less than one hectare of land.

Speaking in an interview Chief Sokontwe stated that the initiative is aimed at ending hunger in the area.

He noted that there is vast fertile virgin land in Milenge which his subjects must put to good use especially for agricultural purposes.

“It is an error for my subjects to be begging for food when we have plenty of fertile land in my chiefdom. I want every household to engage in agricultural activities so that we can become food secure,” he said.

Chief Sokontwe added that village headpersons have been tasked to spearhead the programme by ensuring residents comply.

He said his council will start inspecting the fields to ascertain that people have grown crops.

“The information has been disseminated to the people through the village headpersons and I expect people to have cultivated their fields by now. We will start inspecting the fields in April and I want every household to harvest some food. Those who won’t have will not be spared,” he said.

The Traditional Leader stated that singles are required to grow at least a Lima of some crops while a couple is to grow at least a hectare.

He said people are free to grow any type of crops but he places emphasis on cassava growing.

Chief Sokontwe stated that he has since requested for cassava cuttings for his subjects from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) provincial office.

“Most people lost their crops last year following the floods that were experienced. I am hopeful that the DMMU office will come to our aid as soon as possible. We are thankful for the relief mealie meal we have been receiving. Now we need to empower our people with a sustainable source of their staple food,” he said.


  1. Good move by the chef ,that development ..the chef need to be pleased because is teaching his subjects how to catch a fish not begin for a fish …

  2. This must be replicated in all chiefdoms. People are very lazy, they just want to play politics. Some would walk long distances to attend political meetings and be rewarded with K50 at the expense of development. Laziness has caused the increase in witchcraft practice in villages. Chief Sokontwe must be commended for this initiative. We can’t build a nation of idlers and beggers

  3. Spot of good news. Brilliant initiative from Sokontwe. Hope all the chiefs follow suit. No Zambian should be starving

  4. This is a very a progressive policy move by a visionary leader. It may not be achieved immediately but this idea must be supported because it provides the foundation for industrialisation through agricultural development.

  5. The initiative by His Highness Chief Sokontwe of Ushi speaking people of Milenge should be replicated in other chiefdoms in Zambia where farming activities are less such North Western, Western, Muchinga, Copperbelt, Lusaka and Northern provinces. This will lessen hunger and create household food security. This is the leadership which other traditional chiefs must emulate not those who are politicking day in day out names with held.

  6. Very wise plan I like this. Land is vital for development. Those in diaspora cannot even or don’t even own land there because they make it harder for foreigners and darkies to do so

  7. If 50% chiefdoms can move in this direction we can make a huge difference. It is a great idea of what the Ministry of chiefs and Traditional affairs must be spear heading as we celebrate our ceremonies.

  8. wise words from the chief but he has to take not that not everyone an agrosmith, there is no need to put a measure or standard on how many hectres one should do, we are not in a communist country like north korea or the 1970s cambodia. let him just encourage his people to be productive in all sectors and not just zeal in on agriculture.
    There is no way he is going to send everyone ku mulima chipuba even when they are enganged in mining, livestock farming or aquaculture.

  9. I am an honorary Ushi from now onwards. For all these years these chiefs have grabbed land sold it to foreigners while their people are suffering. Look at the Soli and Lenje. The government should take this up and also give land as a pension due. A family of 4 can live on an acre of land happily if modern scientific methods of Agriculture are used. One hectare is more than generous. Kudos to the royal highness.

  10. Impressive stuff.

    Even if only 80% of the subjects complied, hunger would be dust in this wakanda kingdom.

    I just hope this chief does not rely on the government to supply inputs and tools. Make your own tools.

    If only the current PF regime could come up with simple ideas like this.


  12. In South Africa, the government introduced this policy 10 years ago. The various provincial governments have even engaged established commercial farmers to offer free technical assistance to these farming households in rural areas.
    In Zambia the PF is busy borrowing millions of dollars to build oversized humps and flyover bridges on certain roads in Lusaka.
    No direction, no vision.

  13. This is a productive chief not that one chitimukulu who just talks without any action or mpezeni who is just interested in traditional ceremonies.

  14. This is good and needs to be replicated country wide. Poverty is mainly a product of laziness. People have no excuse for not growing their own food. We need more wise leaders like this chief who can make such simple but workable solutions to the problems people face.

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