Civil servants urged to collaborate with politicians to actualize development – Chungu

Northern Province Minister Hon Chungu Bwalya has directed Market Advisory Committees in Kasama district
Northern Province Minister Hon Chungu Bwalya

Northern Province Minister, Chungu Bwalya, has called for mutual collaboration between civil servants and politicians if Strategic Development Goals and the Seventh National Development Plan are to be actualized.

Addressing civil servants and political leaders from the Patriotic Front (PF) in Kaputa and Nsama district yesterday, My Bwalya said both civil servants and political leaders re serving the interest of the citizenry the development of the country hence the need for them to work as a unitary force.

ZANIS reports that the Provincial Minister, who is also PF party Chairman for Northern Province, clarified that politicians make government policies and define draw developmental programs as enshrined in the party manifesto while civil servants and other public service workers implement the policies and programs to benefit the people of Zambia.

“Politicians come up with policies and draw programs while the duty of civil servants is to implement those policies and programs for the benefit of the people and development of the country. This is why politicians in the ruling party and civil servant should work together because they have one goal,” he said.

He advised civil servants to read and understand the PF Manifesto for them to successfully carry out their duties, adding that reading the manifesto of the ruling party does not convert any civil servant into a politician.

“Reading the PF Manifesto does not make you a politician but it only makes you understand why you are supposed to do what you are mandated to do,” he said, adding that the antagonism that has existed in some districts where civil servants had failed to collaborate.

He, however, appealed to political leaders to avoid harassing civil servants in their course of duty because they are professionals who have to follow laid-down procedures to implement their work.

The Northern Province Minister also advised civil servants not to turn away politicians when they are approached but to explain the situation at hand in the simplest language, adding that politicians may not understand the professional semantics which may result in a misunderstanding.

And speaking on Lubuto Community Radio in Kaputa district and monitored by ZANIS, Mr Bwalya regretted reports of shortage of certain drugs in some health facilities by Chief Kaputa’s representative and sister, Febby Chansa.

Mr Bwalya, who visited some health facilities in the area, however expressed happiness that all essential drugs were available and being dispensed to patients.

He explained some drugs were ordered from countries that are facing a lock down due to Covid-19 and would be delivered to the country soon.

“Some certain drugs are ordered from China, India, the UK and other countries that are facing Coid-19 lock down. Planes and ships that carry cargo, including our drugs, are not allowed to leave these countries. That is why we lack specific drugs,” he said.

Mr Bwalya is touring selected parts of the province where he is is inspecting progress on developmental projects and explaining government policies to civil servants and political leaders


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