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World Vision signs US$63 million MOU with Government


World Vision Zambia has signed a five years Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP).

The MOU aims to provide clean safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to 1.1 million people in 98 wards across 22 district in the country.

The five-year project is expected to gobble 63 million United States Dollars.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, World Vision Zambia National Director John Hasse says the signing of the MOU is a significant step forward in transforming the lives of the vulnerable children, women and families in Zambia.

Mr Hasse says World Vision is focused on providing clean water and sanitation to every person in communities it operates including the most vulnerable populations in the hardest to reach places.

He noted that clean water is essential for hand washing and disinfection to prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID19.

Mr Hasse says World Vision Zambia is committed in bettering children’s lives through the provision of quality sustainable wash services.

He also disclosed that healthcare facilities and schools will benefit from the project as they will be provided with dignified toilets and appropriate hand washing facilities.

However, Mr Hasse bemoaned that children and parents are subjected to covering long distances to fetch water thereby depriving children time to study.

Meanwhile Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary (PS) Mabvuto Sakala says government remains committed to ensuring that the Zambian people have access to clean safe drinking water and adequate sanitation services.

Mr Sakala disclosed that three dams and six weires will be constructed under the MOU.

The PS further revealed 1,500 new boreholes will be drilled and equipped with hand pumps while 330 boreholes will be constructed to support emergencies and strategic institutions.

While a further 3,000 boreholes will also be rehabilitated under the MOU.

He said under the MOU it is also planned that 50 piped water schemes will be constructed in addition a total of 30 piped water schemes will be rehabilitated.

The PS has since assured the cooperating partners that the resources allocated towards the water sector will be utilised in a prudent and transparent manner.


  1. Boreholes are an environmental disaster. Look at Bangladesh. Towns sink when the aquifer is depleted. What we need is dams. Zambia has so many rivers that can be dammed. I can see that the PF G will benefit from the borehole tax.

  2. This MoU is yet another feather in the cap of Zambia. We can now be assured that everyone will soon get clean drinking water at the doorstep. Long walks for water will soon be history.

  3. One more example of Zambia’s improving image in the world. This has been possible only because of visionary leadership.

  4. Zambia has just taken a giant leap towards transforming lives of millions of people. The project is being implemented for 22 districts will prove to be an example to be implemented all over and will change the face of the country.

  5. It is not just yet another project. It is the key to good health of people also. Improved sanitation infrastructure will ensure that spread of disease is kept under control. If we could succeed in controlling water borne diseases, it will be a major relief for the people.

  6. The investment of $63 Million, by World Vision in such a crucial sector means a lot for the country. Only a visionary leader can infuse confidence among global organisations to out their money in the country. This is the acknowledgement of capacities of President Lungu.

  7. Once completed, the project will have positive impact on other sectors like health care. It will ensure better future of children who will one day run the country. It is nothing less than creating healthy and strong generation.

  8. Now there should be no doubt about intentions of President Edgar Lungu. Would this be possible, hadn’t he been working tirelessly for the country?

  9. @THE SAINT excellent point. Why so many bore holes when we have many rivers and lakes in our country? It’s a typical case of bad planning.

  10. I think these boreholes proceedings will only bring a catastrophic disaster in the long term if we keep on ploughing them in every corner of the country they have to be an exception to this. think of sinkholes psychologically how they occur!!!

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