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All is set for UPND elective General Assembly

Feature Politics All is set for UPND elective General Assembly

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says all preparations for holding a successful elective General Assembly today are in place.

Making the announcement at the party secretariat in Lusaka this morning, Elections Chairman, Garry Nkombo said all was set for the landmark General Assembly.

And Nkombo says the party has put enough security measures in place for the smooth holding of the Assembly.

“We are set for our General Conference tomorrow. All lists of the electoral college are in the provincial centres and all ten commissioners and conveners are already in the ten provinces. 209 candidates have so far successfully filed in their nominations. However, 9 have withdrawn from the race citing personal reasons,” said Garry Nkombo.

He also commended the Ministry of Health for allowing the UPND to hold the Conference in the wake of the new strain of the novel coronavirus.

“I wish to commend the Ministry of Health for being forthright and allowing us to proceed with the General Assembly despite the ravages of the new strain of the novel coronavirus. As you may be aware, the MOH restricts gathering to 50 people but being a constitutional requirement, they allowed us to proceed,” he said.

The elections chairman also announced that 2, 915 delegates will take part in the voting tomorrow and that everyone was expected to be seated at exactly 08:00hrs.

“2, 915 will take part in the approval of the amendments of the UPND Constitution and the voting for a new National Management Committee (NMC) team that will take us to the general elections,” said Nkombo.

Mr. Nkombo also disclosed that the Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo has assured him that there would be no interference from State Police during the period of the conference.


  1. Exercise in futility.
    Waste of time.
    We will only witness more and more and more defections.
    Like the presidency, this structureless grouping will continue to f00l itself.
    What tribal sodomite grouping.

  2. Let’s hope 4 a change that Assurances from the PF Govt will hold and the UPND Convention will be successfully completed. It is PF’s DNA to disrupt activities of Opposition Parties. PF must leave the UPND Convention alone and start organizing their own Convention as it is a National Constitutional Requirement. The same Constitution says: Any one Elected and sworn in twice cannot for a Third time in August 2021. On this basis ECL no longer qualifies to stand in August 2021. ECL should stand down as PF President and allow a New Leader to be elected at their Statutory National Convention. We are anxious to see how ECL will deal with the Third Term Contentious issue. ECL during a recent SONA claimed that he believes in Constitutional Democracy and Respect for Human Rights.We shall see…

  3. HH and UPND are showing the way.We can’t wait to see the Panga People bayonet each other at their Convention. We shall see if KBF will be allowed to attend the 2021 PF Convention and who will emerge as President of PF. Given that ECL has been elected and sworn in twice he cannot be elected and sworn in for the third time. We shall see how ECL will manouvre his illegal and unconstitutional Third Term.

  4. This is the only General Conference whose aspiring candidates are only known by themselves, what’ll the press cover? This is self deceit. But what can one say except to be humane enough to wish them well

  5. A waste of time money and a risk to spreading covid, all for this farce of a convention. Why waste time when we all know that hh cannot be challenged as he is tonga and bankrolling that gay party? Opposition in Zambia is a joke.

  6. Ba PF vuvuzelas above, and those to follow, I say shu.t th.e F>UC.K Up.
    All you know is criticize !!!. You were the ones advocating that UPND has never held a convention, and when they set one up, you find other reasons to discredit.At least it better than you!! When is your convention? Who are presidential candidates? You also have your god as “wa muya yaya”, so what the Fu.c.k are you criticizing? Are you going to allow KBF to stand against ECL?
    You should be ashamed!! I am not UPND, but I just think the level of hypocrisy is so high, this can not remain uncommented for. Smells like feaces !!!
    Day in and day out, PF complains that opposition always critizes even what is good, but yet you do the same.
    One woud expect you to be doing better, but alas, you are the same pile of s.h…

  7. One woud expect you to be doing better, but alas, you are the same pile of s.h.it that makes Zambian politics stink.

  8. Iwe chi general kanene, you are too upset. I am sure you were working night shift. Go and sleep on it then come back to comment tomorrow before I get you blocked on this site

  9. Well done UPND, you need to show such organisation as an incoming government, though I am not UPND I believe you will make a big difference

  10. ZNBC TV kwacha good Morning was today talking about Valentines, don’t these chaps realize that we are a Christian nation and things like Valentines and Christmas don’t exist in the Bible. God is never ambiguous, if he had wanted us to celebrate such things he was going to make it abundantly clear. UPND when you come in power, come and sort out these things

  11. Please UPND arrest Kaizar on assumption of power on the first day, not that he has done anything wrong, but just get him for fun the way PF has been doing on HH. Just do it

  12. Kalufunya that is why zambians will never entrust tribal hateful party like upnd with leadership. You are so evil and this country being a Christian nation will never let your demigod rule

  13. That is democracy in practice under lockdown circumstances. We are waiting for Sean Tembo’s party to hold similar elections. However, before the one man party holds its elections, we are waiting from PF party when they will hold similar elections to replace those fired because of thefts and corruption.


  15. A very orderly convention to elect credible national leaders.
    Unlike the PF who in 2015 had two parallel party conventions and elected two party presidents. A half dressed female judge was woken up at midnight to block one President(now Mayor Miles Sampa).
    The ECL /PF project had a weak foundation from inception and our beloved country Zambia is now in total decline.

  16. I am wondering why there is no intra party democracy where we can know the candidates who can be subjected to internal debates. This is where democracy is lost.

  17. It would do the nation a service if list of aspiring candidates in elective positions was published. A party that’s bubbling with confidence to assume power in August this year must also be magnanimous enough to inform the nation about aspiring candidates. News filtering through alleges that the VPs and entire NMC have been hand picked by Yours Truly!

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