Zambia to record bumper harvest – ZNFU

Calvin Kakoma Kaleyi, Editor and Media & Public Relations Manager at the Zambia National Farmers Union.
Calvin Kakoma Kaleyi, Editor and Media & Public Relations Manager at the Zambia National Farmers Union.

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has said the country is expected to have a bumper harvest because it has recorded one of the best seasons of crop production this year.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, ZNFU Public Relations Manager Kakoma Kaleyi said crop production is expected to exceed previous records of the past four years.

Mr Kalayi noted that the country has experienced a good harvest this year and this is because the government and farmers worked together to ensure minimal damage was caused.

He said Southern province and some parts of Western and Central province which have not been productive the past four years are expected to have a good harvest this year.

Mr. Kaleyi said most of the farmers in Central and Eastern province had to replant their crops owing to the flash floods which were caused by the heavy rains this year.

“When crop maturity is expected at a certain stage and then flash floods are experienced it becomes devastating to farmers because both the crops and nutrients have been washed away,” he said.

He added that Muchinga and Northern Province experienced fall armyworms, but the government had taken action and distributed pesticides.

Mr. Kaleyi said farmers were aware and ready after listening to the early warning messages that were sent to areas that were expected to have poor or heavy rainfall.

“The effects of the fall army worms were not very bad because the farmers were proactive and when the government was coming in they complimented each other,” he said.


  1. They say dOnt count your chicks before they hatch…these floods and continued rains are a serious threat to food security lets not be so sure that there will be a bumper harvest as you in ZNFU will be the first ones to cry that yields were poor because of ABCD.

  2. Not to brag, but what do you expect from the great leadership of pf. Even me my farms are doing well. By the way I am looking for a farm labourer. If you know a friend or relatives in need of job contact me

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  5. ZNFU, I think your expectations are to high. Your analysis should also take into account the removal of several farmers from FISP coupled with floods as you have rightly said. All those removed related to reduced output.

  6. Bumper harvest does not translate into anything in Zambia. Bumper harvest made sense in the MMD government where mealie meal pricing was maintained at K30 a bag for many years

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  8. Some Areas have been struck with floods due to heavy rains causing crops not to grow as expected.Whats your take on those areas like in Western province,Luapula, Some parts of Eastern,Central province as well as copperbelt will ther be a Bumber really?

  9. When some fields in most areas have been damages by floods. While those in plateaus the most expensive fertilizer has been washed by heavy rains sure, the fields are yellow as if no fertilizer was applied!

  10. #Simasiku Kingsley: I am equally wondering. These floods have devastatingly destroyed maize fields. Remember, the other year we were told of 3millioin tonnes of Maize. FRA failed to even buy a million ton. I would rather wait and see what will be harvested rather than speculate.

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