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Heavy rains and strong winds damage Kapalala Rural Health Center maternity wing in Milenge


A maternity wing at Kapalala Rural Health Center in Milenge District of Luapula Province has been partially damaged after a tree fell on the building following heavy rains and strong winds being experienced in the area.

Acting Milenge District Health Director Geoblyn Mutunga said no injuries were recorded as there was no client at the time of occurrence.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mutunga said the incident took place in the early hours of 13th February 2021.

He stated that the development will negatively affect the delivery of maternal care services at the facility.

“The roof has been partly blown off at the part the delivery beds are placed hence we can no longer use this structure for deliveries. Today’s patients narrowly escaped the disaster as both came a few hours after the incident. And so, we improvised a delivery room,” he said.

Mr. Mutunga stated that there is need for speedy rehabilitation works especially that the health facility has a catchment population of over five thousand.

He said health personnel will continue to use the improvised labour space in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Milenge District Administrative Officer Kanonka Chola who made an on-spot check has assured the community of quick intervention.

Mr. Chola said government recognises the issue as a matter of urgency and will do its best to mobilise funds for the renovations.

“The district administration understands the importance of this structure and we will do everything possible to renovate it within the shortest possible time,” he stated.

Mr. Chola added that the office will also look into pruning other trees around the facility to prevent future disasters of such nature.


  1. When Europe is attacked or experiencing natural disasters, some of you are quick to donate to them. Why is no one creating a crowd fund for our fellow zambians

  2. At Kaiser, and you call this a hospital and you have the audacity to insinuate that people should make donations?? C’mon now.
    Politics aside, muleumfwa uluse kubantu. If you, I suppose would not want your wife, sister to give birth in this thing, then you certainly should not want it for any other woman. Ubuntu and uluse should be our guiding objective as a country and people. May the Lord help you to see the wrongs in this country

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