Lusaka decongestion project elates PS

An Artist impression of the Lusaka Decongestion Project (LDP)
An Artist impression of the Lusaka Decongestion Project (LDP)

Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga is impressed with the US$ 289 million road expansion works intended to decongest traffic in the capital city.

Mr. Kamanga said the over 120 kilometres road project will reduce traffic congestion in Lusaka city and boost economic development.

He said the decongestion project is expected to be completed in June 2021 adding that most of the works have been done already.

“The remaining works are the flyover bridge at Long acres and the other one between Cairo and Independence Avenue, ultimately we expect this project to be done by the end of June,” Mr. Kamanga explained.

He noted that the 120.7 kilometres capital project is aimed at addressing the challenges of congestion and enhancing the economic development of the province.

Mr. Kamanga said he was satisfied with the quality and progress of works which will also add beauty to the city while allowing the free flow of traffic.

Meanwhile, motorists in Lusaka have commended government for coming up with such projects which will reduce traffic jam in the city.

Kennedy Michelo, a motorist, said he is able to drive freely because there is not much congestion due to the current good state of the roads.

“We used to take longer hours on the road because of traffic and potholes but now we are driving freely, the roads are excellent,” he said.

Another road user, Aggrison Shikamuni, said he had a feel of the newly rehabilitated roads and expressed happiness with the development.

“I have driven through the Great East road and so far so good, everything is okay,” he noted.

The Lusaka decongestion project was started in 2018 and is due for completion this year.

The project is behind schedule due to the spread of coronavirus which was reported in the country early 2020.


  1. Come June 2021 we shall have another completion date. Just like zambia airways, just like new airport terminal, just like kazungula bridge and countless others.

  2. No road project that tries to decongest roads ever does that, ALONE. Once roads are congested, it means that you are decades behind. It will not take long before the roads are clogged again. What needs to be done is to divert human commuters to other means of travel. This means building tramways or railway systems at the same time as you are widening roads and diverting motor vehicle traffic to ring roads and creation of bus and taxi lanes. It is a multi facted approach.

  3. AND please educate Zambians that the offside (nearest to the driver) lane is for overtaking only. Minibus drivers even stop there to pick up passengers, especially on the Chelston Avondale stretch.

  4. But let it extend to drainage system in the city as stagnant water destroys roads, 2, 3 years $289 million will develop into potholes and eating up or washing away certain parts of the roads due to poor drainage system of the city including poor waste disposal by people that block drainages with Lita

  5. This will make upnd psychos cry. Pf government we might need to reduce development to avoid upnd supporters committing suicide. Just look at the sadist comments above.

  6. Corner of independence Avenue and Burma road near the SDA church.
    If you look carefully in the middle lane part of the newly built road, there is a depression. The middle lane towards town direction, before you cross this junction. Just by the big billboard corner.
    This is a new road and this should not be happening.
    You can litteraly see vehicles dipping into this depression as they drive through this junction.
    You can go and inspect it during the day so you see vehicle hitting into this part of the road as they drive by.

  7. I pity the poor people in compounds. There is no development for them. It’s those that can afford who are benefiting from all these projects. The rich with cars will benefit. The real people in the compounds who vote just get handouts. Lets be human and do something for the poor.

  8. Celebrating paper work, no wonder you end up with speed big bumps built by fellow developing nations.

    We celebrate actual results

    PF must go!

  9. Bruce Philip – Good observation at least you are there on the ground not some moron trolling away in UK pretending to be Lazy Lungu’s aid in Zambia… just look of the final product of these bridges being built they are not even worth $ 1 million …there are hideous as if they are built by cowboy bush builders and we will have to pay India this $289m!!

  10. us$289million is too small for such massive decongestion project , we have a total of 5 Flyovers each on average is US$50MILLION then add 120km of expanded roads PLEASE PF has done wonders with only a meagre 289! NO CORRUPTION CAN BE TALKED ABOUT HERE THUMBS UP THE MEN IN OVERALLS .THIS IS THE TYPE OF DEVELOMENT WE WANT RESOURCES EQUAL TO PHYSICAL STRUCTURES. CME 2021 LETS VOTE PF to decongest other cities now like CHIPATA NDOLA KITWE SOLWEZI KASAMA MPIKA KABWE ETC

  11. Olo mukambe baflkaIa, we are still building Haha Haha. You will get tired because we have many developmental projects planned. Muzalema ba kwindi joe imwe

  12. The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  13. These roads are a gift from the Indian govt. And we can see the seriousness and quality of the road due to strict supervision by the funders. If these roads were by RDA or some Chinese contractor funded, sembe ni ba billion of dollars for half the quality. Let’s give credit to the Indian govt for the gift and insistence to manage the contract. Maybe we should outsource RDA to the Indian govt..Lol!!Project was conceived before even bambi bali ni ba Minister. But mu komfwa ati sontapo.. Bwafya.

  14. Eye of an Eagle `- Do you understand what an Exim Bank is? They dont give gifts but loans ….AFCONS International, an Indian firm, has been contracted to build the roads, fly-over bridges and overpasses at a cost of US$389mn. It is co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Zambia (15%) and Exim Bank of India (85%) that’s the $289m. The 36- month programme has created causal jobs for around 1,000 Zambians.

  15. My only concern is Lusaka CBD. Kafue roundabout to Kabwe roundabout. Cairo road, Chachacha, & Freedom way are always choked & no parking space. Add also people with vehicles for hire who take up all parking space and just sit there the whole day waiting for clients.

  16. As the saint above has said, making more roads to decongest traffic never works. I am at pains to understand why none of our cities have bicycle lanes.
    Most people only drive from their homes outside the city to workplaces that are within 5km, and they need to park cars at the same place.
    We speak of climate change but have given no thoughts to green traffic. We need bicycles, people are becoming overweight anyways (like the fat impostor in the UK).
    Taking a bicycle anywhere now is a death sentence.
    Invest in proper public transport too. All these other options are cheaper and more practical for our people’s economic situation.

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