Minister hopeful battle against Covid-19 will be won


The Ministry of Health has reiterated that health teams at different points of entry have put in place measures that will help avoid the importation of different strains of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other infectious disease.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has also explained that surveillance and case management teams have remained committed to halting the community transmission of the coronavirus, adding that all cases receive the appropriate care and management.

Dr. Chanda expressed hope that the fight against Covid-19 will be won.

He noted that reduced numbers of Covid-19 cases being recorded in admission centres countrywide was an indication that the country will overcome the pandemic.

He has since stressed the need for people not to relent but continue adhering to the public health guidelines.

“We continue to conduct onsite mentorship and trainings for our frontline staff in order to strengthen case management and ensure standardized quality of care countrywide,” he noted.

Dr. Chanda has meanwhile commended religious leaders for the continued role they are playing in encouraging behavioural change among congregants attending church services.

He has further praised the tradition leaders in their chiefdoms for the support in ensuring that there is adherence to public guidance.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, the country has recorded 811 new cases of Covid-19 across bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 70,248.

Dr. Chanda explained that the 811 cases are out of the 4,581 tests conducted, representing an 18 percent positivity.

During the same period, the country recorded eight new deaths from two provinces.

Lusaka province recorded five deaths while Copperbelt had three, bringing the cumulative number of Covid-19 related deaths to 959 and classified as 501 Covid-19 deaths and 458 Covid-19 associated deaths.

He said 392 patients were discharged after recovering from both home management and Covid-19 isolation facilities bringing the total number of recoveries to 63,262 with 6,027 active cases.

Dr. Chanda explained that of the active cases, 318 are admitted to Covid-19 isolation facilities with 221 on oxygen therapy and 29 in a critical condition while 5,709 cases are under community management.


  1. These chaps just watch CNN or BBC and come say the same things which strains have you even discovered in Zambia….cooking up figures everyday!!

  2. People just accept that it is being handled well and give yourselves a pat on the shoulders. It is a fight for everyone after all.

  3. Of course the battle will be won, it’s just a matter of time. Nothing lasts forever, not even Sars-Cov 2 in all it’s forms and variants. Human beings are born to fight, destined to overcome all obstacles and survive. Otherwise, we would still be crawling and not walking.. or just walking and not running.. just running and not driving or flying planes.

  4. We hope those figures are real and that whatever that is denoted reaches the intended end users, Not in personal pockets!

  5. I just have great admiration for Jonas Chanda for his visible hard work with less politicking, after the massive under performance of PF in power, he is the only one giving hope, appears even his boss is a distant light years behind, I think if Jonas was President, if a girl is killed at UNZA by Police through tear gas , he would immediately ask for the Culprit, and even for young murdered Frank Mugala whose only offence was going to school on that day and murdered by the same people who were supposed to safe guard his life. Bravo Minister Jonas Chanda, far ahead of the rest misfiring PF ministers. You might be luck to maintain your position in the UPND government after August 12

  6. We may win the battle but what is most important is to win the WAR. As long as we are not keeping both eyes open on the Chinese, they will bring in another virus into the world by the exotic animals that they keep smuggling from Africa into China. They like pangolins, rhino horns, snakes, dogs etc.

  7. Until we see the President stops touring the country, his entourage are super spreaders. PF government should lead by example

  8. We need the vaccine asap ba minister and not the Oxford one which is not so effective for the south African strain but the others like Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson etc. Numbers will only reduce once people are vaccinated and in the near future people vaccine passports will be required for anybody who wishes to travel abroad whether for business or anything including you politicians so the sooner we have this the better. Or else we shall be left far behind and it will be very difficult for our economy to catch up.

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