Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ZAFFICO urged to help beautify Ndola


Ndola District Commissioner Anthony Katongo has appealed to management at Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Limited (ZAFFICO) to get involved in the cleaning and maintenance of the central business district (CBD).

Mr. Katongo said this when he engaged management at ZAFFICO on ways of how to incorporate the company in the Keep Zambia clean, green and healthy campaign.

He explained that the Keep Zambia clean, green and healthy campaign was a presidential directive that should be adhered to by all stakeholders in the district.

He advised that companies in the district should work together and adopt certain stretches in the CBD to clean and maintain them.

The DC further advised ZAFFICO that as an expert in forestry, the company should spearhead the cutting down of old trees in the CBD that were posing a threat since they are failing unexpectedly.

Mr. Katongo said ZAFFICO should also spearhead the replanting of new trees in the district.

And Ndola City Council (NCC) Director of Public Health Christopher Mtonga, who was part of the DC’s entourage, urged the company to work hand in hand with the district Covid-19 team in the implementation of preventive measures.

Mr. Mtonga said companies must work together with the health team and the local authority if maximum results are to be attained.

Meanwhile, NCC Director of Engineering Elias Mwalaba noted that companies like ZAFFICO can be very helpful to the local authority in vegetation control in the district.

And ZAFFICO Managing Director David Bwalya assured the DC that the company will look at how it can support the many projects being undertaken in the district.


  1. keeping your city clean is not the business of other businesses in the city.
    The so called presidential directive has no place in any operating business otherwise that is dictartoship.Businesses do pay tax which is meant primarily to go for such things as cleaning and maintain the city. If the funds are missused,that is not the burden of the businesses operating in the city.

  2. Wht about the taxes to Ndola City Council that Zaffico pays? Will expenditure to beautify the city be offset against local taxation? This is one reason I never for one minute thought about investing in Zaffico shares during the initial public offering of the company’s shares.

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