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MMD to have Convention on 20th March

Feature Politics MMD to have Convention on 20th March

The Opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) will have it’s long awaited Convention on the 20th of March 2021.

MMD National Secretary Hon. Elizabeth Chitika said that the Party will have it’s Convention on the 20th of March, 2020.

“Following the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held on the 12th of February and in pursuant of Article 57 (1) (a) of the MMD Constitution, I would like to inform the Nation that the MMD will hold it’s Convention on the 20th of March, 2021. As the Mother of Democracy, We have always held regular Conventions as it is enshrined in our party Constipation and is in line with Article 60 of the National Constitution that mandates Political Parties to have regular conventions”, Hon. Chitika said.

Hon. Chitika than said that the MMD Convention is based on Democracy unlike in other parties.

“This Convention will be the 7th and it will be the Mother of all Conventions in Zambia. In this Convention like always in the MMD is founded on true democracy and candidates will vary for actual positions and not vary to belong to the NEC like some named parties”, Hon. Chitika said.

Hon. Chitika than said that all the 68 National Executive Committee positions including that of the President will be up for grabs.

She than invited MMD members to submit the nominations.

“Lastly but not the least, I would like to call upon all MMD paid up members who are in good standing with the party to submit their nominations. The application fee for the President is K5,000, whilst for the two Vice Presidents is K2,500 and NEC members is K1,000. The nomination period will be from the 1st of March and will close at 17 hours on the 10th day of March”, Hon. Chitika said.

The MMD had some leadership wrangles in 2016 when a group of some members held an illegal Convention and created a faction leadership. This faction came to an end when the Courts ruled that they were illegal as that Convention was deemed null and void.

All eyes will be on the Mother of Democracy in Zambia to see if they will have a successful Convention.


  1. Now it’s rushed pr conventions. How do you hold a convention without first having branch & constituency elections? No grassroots structures, what a party. Is it a church? They don’t even say how it will be held.
    Next we will hear pf jump on the bandwagon also, with no branch leadership also. Ati democracy.

  2. …”In this convention like always in the MMD is founded on true democracy and candidates will vary for actual positions and not vary to belong to NEC like some named political parties,” Hon Chituka said.

    This seems like more of an attack on fellow opposition as opposed to being a media statement.I miss the old MMD.

  3. UPND has a life President HH….lets see if MMD also has a President for life Nevers Mumba……and Makaka PF party now has a life President Edgar Pompwe Lungu

  4. Don’t some of these parties know
    That they have No following or
    They are wasting time?Or are there some hidden benefits?Or are
    They paid by some bigger parties?

  5. HH will make Zambians loose again if he continues with playing with toys like Mubita, Anthony, Tukuta, like Larry Mweetwa made Zambians lose.
    HH should use Ruth Dante and 2 new ladies just got voted.

  6. Opposition is dead in Zambia. This woman is just stressing herself and doing damage to her beauty. By time she realises how silly she was to be in mmd her head will be full of grey hairs and face all wrinkled. Just join the winning team

  7. Just two clarify: the UPND new leadership as as follows; president HH, VP1(running mate) Ms. Nalymango , VP2 William Banda . Don’t share, this information is still classified.

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