NHIMA card holders complain of delays in accessing medical care


Some National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) members in Kalomo district in Southern Province have expressed dismay in the manner they were being attended to at Request Muntanga Level One Hospital.

The members who spoke on condition of anonymity told ZANIS that the aspect of ‘Nhima card holders being attended to with minimum delay’ is not prevailing for them at the health institution.

“We are not demanding that we should be treated as extra-ordinary patients or to be above other patients but the minimum delay attention aspect to us should be upheld,” says one Nhima member who spent several hours before being attended to when he went to seek medical attention at the institution.

When contacted for a comment over the development hospital administrator, Benson Sichone said the delay to attend to Nhima clients on time could have been due to some emergencies that occur on such particular days.

“As for today you can see, there is an emergency and we have only one clinical officer to attend to at that out- patient department queue there, it is better we serve critical cases first,” said Mr Sichone.

Meanwhile, Nhima Senior Public Relations Officer, Mutolo Mwamba says such developments should be reported to the authority adding that reports of such nature in accredited health facilities have surfaced and promised to correct the situation amicably.

Nhima members are registered under the scheme pursuant to section 13 (1) of the National Health Insurance Act No. 2 of 2018 and section 3 of statutory Instrument No. 63 of 2019. The policy provides the terms, conditions and exclusions of the client’s health cover and also specifies the benefits that they will enjoy under the scheme.


  1. These people are useless. I went to the hospital yesterday because I broke my glasses only to be told that I will have a new pair in 28 days or more???. I can barely function without glasses so Kaya if this means I should stop going for work until I receive a new pair!! So annoying

  2. It is very useless indeed. just a way to steal more from the poor workers. who the hell benefits anyway, certainly not the poor but the PF only. there was no need for this in the first place, people were already paying to access medical care or attention in the first place but now people are paying even when not sick. many have complained about about poor services as card holders.

  3. So the country still suffers from a shortage of health practitioners in these overly hyped new health facilities? I doubt drugs are available, or we might be steering at white elephants.

    Pa zed Pali nchito.

  4. These are worst scams, even employees knows that their salaries are a scam, worse than NAPSA.
    Nawakwi can use her monthly days on NHIMA than on HH’s Saturnia Pensions scheme.

  5. Biggest scam of stealing from poor workers. Later they will lie that they used all the money to pay doctors who treated the same workers and we will be waiting for the audited accounts forever.

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