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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema cannot be trusted with State Power-Ntewewe

Feature Politics UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema cannot be trusted with State Power-Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative YALI president Andrew Ntewewe says the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema cannot be trusted with State Power.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African’s ‘People’s Debate’ programme, Mr. Ntewewe reiterated his earlier statement that the UPND convention was a sham as it exposed Mr.Hichilema’s dictatorial and undemocratic tendencies.

He said the UPND convention was used to rubber stamp changes to their party constitution in order to declare Mr.Hichilema as a life president of the opposition party.

“The convention was a sham and a disgrace to democracy because it does not meet the benchmark of a democratic convention. UPND delegates were duped into thinking that they were also going to be given an opportunity to elect the party president and vice president,” Mr.Ntewewe said.

And Mr.Ntewewe said Mr.Hichilema should not convince himself that he has already won the August 12, elections even before the votes are cast,as this is a recipe for anarchy.
He said the decision of who becomes Republican President after the August polls lies in the hands of the Zambia people.

Meanwhile, Mr.Ntewewe said President Lungu’s assurance of peace and order ahead of the elections is commendable and should be taken seriously by the enforcement agencies.

“Zambians should remain peaceful even as we approach the elections.Law enforcement agencies should ensure that perpetrators of violence are dealt with accordingly,” Mr. Ntewewe said.


    • Does Ntwewewe have the faintest clue that KBF was expelled from PF for merely attempting to challenge President Lungu at the convention, a mere attempt put him in bad light with the PF leadership, so who is dictatorial here.

    • Don’t be selective here much as you are a PF structure, if KBF is kicked out of PF for merely trying to stand, what democracy is there to talk about in PF

  1. You are contradicting yourself. In one breath you say he cannot be trusted with power, on the other that decision on who will be president lies with the Zambian people. So who are you to start making choices for the people?

  2. Why Zambian politics is always aboutHH and the party in power?
    Why cannot media talk about other parties and their leaders? When will this elitist mindset come to an end 8n Zamia and Africa?

  3. This guy is a quack politician. What does he live for? There is absolutely no logic in his utterances. Chimukola kuyipa uyu munthu aiyi!!!!!!

  4. We made the biggest mistake for this country by trusting Edgar Lungu with State power. The truth about this is there for all to see

  5. … instead we must trust the thieves who gave us the 42 fire tenders, gassed innocent citizens, could not account for 48 mansions, gave us expired drug, defective gloves and condom for us$17million and recently, shot two civilians in cold blood?

  6. Ntewewe cannot decide HH’s suitability to hold office. On August 12,2021 Zambians will decide who should be our Republican President. HH and UPND have the best chance to form the next Govt in Zambia. HH has all the traits to become the Republican President in 2021 and is well prepared to turnaround this Economy if he is given the mandate by the People to Govern. Ntewewe is a PF surrogate and his hopes for that Party to retain Power should be dashed. ECL has been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and therefore doesn’t qualify for a Third Term. This is illegal and unconstitutional. If ECL tries to steal a Third Term Zambians will overwhelmingly reject him at Polls. If ECL tries to steal the Elections this time around Zambians will rise to stop him. Even PF Supporters have…

  7. The PF and its minions like YALI dont sleep over HH and the UPND.
    They are even offering free publicity to HH

  8. Ntewewe talk about the poor state of economy and high cost of living and reasons why our neighboring country who were also affected by covid19 are doing
    How about expired drugs? Even their disposal is a big national issue
    Stop being an enemy to Zambians

  9. HH must be giving you sleepless nights ah?
    @skylab you are right…it seems he does not think before talking…full of contractions….izi imbwa izi aweh mwandi !!!

  10. Ntewewe…failure after failure.. from Bill 10, to Privatisation Commission of Inquiry, to labeling HH a land fraudster, to calling him a dictator BUT NOTHING is sticking.You keep failing, embarrassment after another.Even PF, your paymaster have given up on you!! We are 5 months away from elections,HH is getting on an even better footing as scandals keep unfolding in the PF govt!! We are done and dusted with PF!!

  11. KBF was expelled for trying to challenge Edgar Lungu for the PF and Republican leadership, so Ntewewe’s prescription of democracy which should just apply to one party and not the other is very strange as usual.

  12. It is a fact that KBF was expelled from PF for merely trying to give it a go at becoming the PF leader as per his democratic and party membership rights

  13. We are here listening to a Malawian tell us who must we trust with our power in Zambia, if we trusted ECL who was bankrupted and dishonest in his law firm dealing, we can trust anyone Ntwentwe and this not blantyre, we will deport you in september this year.

  14. This very true, Hichilema cannot be entrusted with state power because he’s a natural tribalist, known crook and sworn dictator. If Hichilema miraculously stepped into state house, he would not even last long because of his tribalism. People from the North will remove him. And before that Zambia will be on fire because Hichilema would refuse to be removed and use state machinery to silence them, but the Northeners are not cowards and are majority, they will fight on until he’s removed. I have said before its very difficult in this country for somebody from a small tribe to ascend to presidency, but Tongas think they are a big tribe. You can’t change reality. That convention was a sham because voters where voting for people they didn’t even know, how does somebody in Central province…

  15. Why is this man yapping about a party convention. Sure you should be issuing statements about a convention that has nothing to do with you. You have to find faults in a simple convention. Contrast that convention with the PF’s rising of hands. You will know then why the country is in a mess. We have more pressing problems now like covid, bad health care and inflation that you should be addressing. Stop misleading people as if you know a fit leader when you supporting a thief robbing the country

  16. So you rather trust a dull drunk who stole from a widow… I am sure it`s the most you have ever thought in your worthless life….


  18. Ntewewe tell us something we do not know. I have refused to trust HH with power five times. We will be doing for the sixth time this year. How can a Party come out of a convention will only one position filled? Who is the Vice President? Who is going to stand in each of the 150 constituents? What about the wards? So HH is addition to appointing 30 NMC members he is going to appoint 150 MPs and numerous counselors including the Vice. Pure dictatorship.

  19. Bo Chinz hes free to talk about the sham Upnd convention because it affects him, those finished people you voted for, William Banda, Nalumango etc, are looking forward to come rule this country. That’s how it affects Ntewewe. Mr. Jonny, the problem with you Tongas is that you are too selfish and jealousy, did you see Edgar Lungu as a drunk, anyway whats wrong with drinking beer, responsibly? Even president Obama was drinking beer while in office. But your Hichilema is a big time thief and crook, stole massively during privization and plunged this country into economic doldrums. If you were not there during privatization , its the root cause of the problems we are in now! So Hichilema cannot convince me that he has stopped stealing. Once a thief always a thief. PF are trying correct the…

  20. I think PF’s money is used better on Tayali than this idyot Ntewewe. This ugly d!ck just cost PF votes, stick Sunday and Lusambo.

  21. Ntewewe is a well known ECL and PF supporter. KBF and Panji Kaunda have openly said ECL doesn’t qualify for a Third Term becoz he has already been elected and sworn in twice. Besides the 2 PF Members/Supporters believe ECL is a Corrupt President and a failure. They say ECL’s integrity is very bad as he stole a Widow’s Pension. Can Mr Ntewewe comment on these issues rather than de-campaign HH who is a Ri ECL’s Rival? When is the PF Convention and will KBF and Kanji Kaunda be allowed to attend and contest the PF Presidency?

  22. What’s wrong with Ntewewe!! surely there’s no clergy to counsel this young man to stop inflammatory statements. Why can’t he promote democracy by allowing aspiring candidates sell themselves and we voters we decide. LT please start broking hate speech like face & twitter did to Trump. If he’s comfortable with the current state of affairs. let him enjoy himself, in Meanhood phase 4 Kwamwena.

  23. They kicked out KBF out of PF for merely trying to stand against Edgar Lungu at the convention and Ntwewewe should now stand on high moral ground to challenge UPND democracy. It never works that way…

  24. If HH can’t be trusted to Govern Zambia who else can be trusted? Kanji Kaunda who is a PF is calling upon Ntewewe and other PF Members to unite and remove ECL from Power becoz he has failed to Rule. Besides they say ECL doesn’t qualify to run in 2021 becoz he has been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. They say a Third Term 4 ECL is illegal and unconstitutional in terms of the Republican Constitution. Can Mr Ntewewe comment on these issues instead of making foolish allegations about HH. We are tired of HH this..HH that. Tell us about the PF Convention. When is it and who is standing as PF President?

  25. For as long as Zambia institutions such as parliament are rendered hopeless by the opposition, there will be no meaningful democratic change or constitution in Zambia. As long as we have political parties equal to an individual such HH = UPND and UPND = HH our democracy will remain a pipe dream. Parliament must legislate the tenure period for all political party leaders. The EZC must be recognised as the only body mandated to conduct and oversee the elections at all these political parties. If the constitution says two terms for ahead of state then it cannot leave the door wide open for political parties. Their leaders like HH must have a life span. I am not even talking about ECL because I know that a term is defined as Five years in our constitution. The rule of natural justice does…

  26. Ntewewe competing with blank Monday Chanda for relevance. But anyway both on pay roll, so worth it, I suppose.

  27. Can the international court please assist KBF to get back into PF, that was a very unfair dismissal from the party, a dissenting view must be part of the democratic process and not a dismissal sentence.

  28. Aliba aumble, aliba aumble, qwe?
    How come Lusambo, Ntwewewe … have something in common? They collect stashes of tax payers money from Mr Humble at state house in the MORNING, in the AFTERNOON they are busy insulting HH who had more than 48 percent of votes in last electons. Is it a coincidence or Mr Humble is the real puppet master?

  29. I think some of these people should learn to keep quite. When did Ntewewe become the spokes person for Zambians to choose who should be president? Why don’t you remind yourself of how PF are hounding out whoever wants to challenge ECL? Is that what you call democracy surely? HH is a private individual with his private ambitions and let the people decide what to do with him. Anyway I would not be surprised if there are benefits going with this type of talk from this man.

  30. @E.mukuka from your comments of labelling one tribe and one man in the name of HH with proof, shows how corrupt you are. You want fuel tribal hatred in Zambia with hateful lies so your tribesmen can remain in power to the detriment of the suffering Zambians. True peace loving Zambian who truly love this country do not take people like you seriously. You comments are hateful and retrospective, for any country that seeks development and peace. God does not give wisdom to govern to people because they are from majority or big tribe.
    KJV Matthew 21:42
    42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

    Could be HH also rejected and…

  31. What is the point in entrusting power again to a already failing PF regime. The poor have felt the brunt force of PF’S failure.

  32. Hh is a dangerous thieving thug who cannot be trusted. I know it and so do the majority of zambians. He will never rule this country and he is just wasting his time. Last night the lord spoke to me and told me that pf will be in power for a minimum of 50 years.

  33. Why HH is even allowed to be a candidate for the Presidential election? He has a criminal background, he went to jail several times, even court cases are pending against him.

  34. I think Hichilema can never win in the elections. The majority of people are not dull to choose such an evil person a leader of this country and that is why he is constantly defeated in the general elections.

  35. It is high time that Hichilema takes retirement from politics. He never won in any election in the past and there are any chances of his winning in the future.

  36. President Lungu has raised the bar so high that even if HH does his best to defeat the President he will fail miserably. Mr. Lungu has transformed the country completely with development and infrastructure projects, every business sector is developing simultaneously, foreign companies are planning to invest in Zambia. Meanwhile, HH is always with empty hands, criticizing the PF government.

  37. It is so funny to see that even after getting defeated in every election. Hichilema behaves as if he is popular among Zambians, especially youths.

  38. We still wonder why HH wants to be the President of this country. He has no knowledge about the government system nor does he has any desire to help needy people. He never comes forward to help people in any crisis.

  39. But UPND was a better and violence-free party before Hichilema becomes its leader. Now, the party cadres are known for booing the President, using bad language, and spreading violence in society. If UPND wants to grow again then they must remove evil HH from the party.

  40. I guess #Bally is a shameless person. Even if gets defeated in the August elections, he will come again to get insulted by us. ?????

  41. We demand investigation against HH’s wealth. How he became the richest person in Zambia in such a short period of time.

  42. Alaaa 62 …ati Zambians say you are! We with who! HH naturally is not like because of his role during privatization plus satan.ism label ..And a person who doesn’t smile is dangerous.

  43. We are not voting for a privatization thief in name Sammy Hichilema, Northerners and Easterners are resolved. Even some Southerners are frustrated, Willy Banda vice president of Upnd! So no vote for Sammy!

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