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Chibombo Multi-Facility Economic Zone to propel manufacturing base-Yaluma

Economy Chibombo Multi-Facility Economic Zone to propel manufacturing base-Yaluma

The Government has expressed happiness with the pace at which the construction of the Chibombo Multi-Facility Economic Zone (CMEZ) in Central Province is progressing.

Minister of Commence, Trade, and Industry, Christopher Yaluma also says the US$600 Million investment, is likely to create jobs and will help the country to actualize value addition from the vast raw materials that the country is endowed with.

ZANIS reports that Mr Yaluma made the remarks yesterday, when he toured the Economic Zone in Chibombo district to check on the work progress.

The commerce Minister explained that the industrialization trajectory that the government has embarked on, will propel manufacturing in the country which is key to macroeconomic growth.

“As government we are happy with the progress being made so far. This is one of the fastest economic zones being constructed in the country and the government will support it and provides incentives that will attract more investors in the country,” Mr Yaluma stated.

Mr Yaluma pointed out that the government remains resolute to ring-fencing the industrial development in the country for the mutual benefits of both the country and investors.

And Jiangxi Corporation Limited, General Manager, XU JIANFENG explained that 6.1 kilometers of roads have been tarred with US$ 40 million spent on infrastructure development.

Mr JIANFENG said 500 jobs have been created, with 1800 jobs expected to be created by the end of this year.

“We have so far spent US$ 40 million and work is going as planned and we are receiving maximum support from the government and the local communities. We have so far done 6.1 kilometers of internal roads and infrastructure has advanced as you can see and we will not relent in expediting this work,” he emphasized.

Once complete, the Chibombo Multi-Facility Economic Zone will have five functional areas among them Technological innovation area, modern agricultural area, and Industrial cooperation area.

The Economic Zone whose memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on September 5th, 2018 in China, is sitting on 760 hectares of land and is expected to create at least 6000 jobs by 2025.


  1. What type of jobs are these…more Chinks coming to Zambia and the govt will buy whatever company is creating inflated valuations.

  2. Only a lazy dull person will complain that life in Zambia is hard. A lot of development and funding of business projects. Don’t sleep. Use this opportunity zambians. Don’t be like that f00lish diasporan tarino above who is used to being spoon fed by his whlte keepers.

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  4. All PF projects are future tense “to propel economic development”, the only thing that is in present tense is donations to unsuspecting churches and marketeers

  5. How are the other economic zones touted 4 years ago doing ???. …..

    There were reports that most of them were being used as warehouses for Chinese goods ???

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