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Only Frogs Can Challenge HH and Lungu at Party Conventions!

Columns Only Frogs Can Challenge HH and Lungu at Party Conventions!

By Rev. Kapya Kaoma

We are in 2021! It only means one thing–Vote! Vote! Vote! Politicians are out to tell the truth. When the PF sings “Lungu is Zambia’s Saviour, UPND shouts, “Bally will fix it. How? Just believe it mambala iwe! Thanks be to God; we are in Lent; we all have time to ask for forgiveness for our lies.

I don’t want to pretend. I have never had confidence in the PF administration going back to the now celebrated Sata regime. The Sata Kaponya syndrome gave us Lungu and his cronies; the man who is much crafter than his appearance suggests. I won’t be surprised if he wins the forthcoming election.

UPND wasted too much time in courts trying to overturn Lungu’s victory, and then his eligibility to contest the 2021 election; I called them fallacies, and it turns out Lungu is the Patriotic Front flag bearer in the forthcoming election. The only way to stop him is to find a challenger during the PF Convention.

Is it possible? On paper? Yes. Practically? No. Today PF is Lungu and Lungu is PF! If you want to challenge the PF presidency, you can do it as long as you don’t campaign against his omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, corruptor in Chief, and Zambia’s liberator Dr. Edgar C. Lungu SC! If you don’t, stay away from the PF Convention–you don’t mean good for PF democracy. If you insist, your neck will be dating the PF rope. So what is the alternative?

UPND is the only democratic party in Zambia. Who can doubt it’s democratic credentials following the just ended National Convention? Congratulations to the “newly elected” UPND leadership of the most uniting, capitalist, rescuer, and beneficiary of, and high-end liquidator, President and Bally will fix it, Hakainde Hichilema. Did “new” change its meaning? Only to UPND cadres! Taking my old suit to dry cleaners does not make it new; unless you are a “Bally will fix it” worshipper.

HH and Lungu hold many things in common. Both are humble dictators; who can miss the humility of Bally and Lungu. Just look at their innocent and inviting faces. The only difference is that Lungu is the National President, while Bally is UPND president. Both operate on the same premise; “if you love me, keep my position untouched.” If you don’t, ask Kambwili; ask GBM; ask Sampa; ask Banda–the list is endless!

They also believe in self-serving or personal protecting democracy. Your vote only matters if you vote for me as party president. Dance “Bally will fix it,” you are in! Refuse to dance Bally, you are out! Dance dununa reverse, you are in; refuse to dance dununa, you are out! It is democracy the UPND and PF way.

The Kaunda or Museveni syndrome is at play here — we must respect the people’s choice as long as the Party Presidency is unchallenged.

Dress it the way you want, but the truth is, HH is UPND president umuyayaya, until he rules Zambia! If he doesn’t win, only the grave would bar him from being elected as the New Leader of UPND over and over again! And so is Lungu.

Since Party Constitutions are worth less than toilet papers, the only term limit respected is enshrined in the National Constitution.

During the Convention, people are not voting for the Party Presidency–this is already predetermined as was the case during the UNIP regime when Kaunda competed with a frog. On paper, Kaunda opened the presidency to anyone as long as nobody, but a frog contested against him. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe attempted to replace the frog; his end, historians know. The same thing would happen to those who want to take the UPND Presidency or PF Presidency from HH and Lungu respectively.

Democracy dies when we legitimize undemocratic tendencies in political parties. We need to confront the fact that Zambian political parties are personal ituntemba–the big man syndrome holds strong. Please come clean! Contest against frogs! Don’t insult our intelligence!


  1. Rev Kaoma is obviously having a wild dream. He is rioting in dream. Rev Kaoma deliberately doesn’t address ECL’s Eligibility. The Republican Constitution provides that ECL has been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and therefore doesn’t qualify to stand for a Third Term in 2021. This is not an HH requirement but a Constitutional Requirement. The issue is how is ECL going to overcome this Hurdle? If ECL imposes himself on Zambians thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term Voters will punish him at the Polls. If he riggs the Polls then he will set Zambia on fire.The writing is on the wall.

  2. Even those who want to challenge must not insult the incumbent first. For example Kelvin Fube hauled a lot of insults on Edgar Lungu and other PF leaders before he decided that he will challenge Lungu. Like that you show your stupidity, and your think other colleagues will come you.

  3. Rev Kaoma is making a wrong analogy. HH hasn’t served as a Republican President while ECL has. In terms of our Republican Constitution ECL has been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore ECL cannot legally and constitutionally serve for more than 10 years as Republican President. For these reasons Lungu should not even stand as President at the PF Convention. Kanji Kaunda and KBF want a new PF President for PF. Will ECL allow Democracy in PF? We doubt it!

  4. S.t.up!d article. If you want to challenge ECL, you have to go through party structures. ECLs eligibility was pronounced by the ConCourt-underline and understand the word “term” and you won’t waste time on this brainless debate!! Upnd suddenly the most democratic party because of 1 convention in 14 years??? What about the party Constitution that states that you can only be president for 2 x 5 year terms?? Kapya is, to borrow from Sunday Chanda, a loquacious quack who writes rubbish.

  5. Rev. Kapya Kaoma your concern is right but given the current situation where HH and Lungu and clear frontrunners for Presidency. Lets look at Bally will Fix it. If HH pulled out of UPND who else has the financial muscle and connections to fund raise to keep the UPND afloat. Who else can do that. Even PF who else the ability to steer the boat. Its only Lungu who keeps a Kasaka ka ndalama. Its very difficult to run a political a party.

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  8. Spot on Kaoma. And now we await the number of negative comments that will respond to this article.
    In Zambia, you must be either against the PF and support UPND and vice versa.
    To objectively look at both parties and discuss their many failings will have both parties’ supporters descend on you like a tone of bricks.

  9. “Democracy dies when we legitimize undemocratic tendencies in political parties. We need to confront the fact that Zambian political parties are personal tuntemba–the big man syndrome holds strong. Please come clean! Contest against frogs!”

  10. The PF are inviting candidates to stand against Lungu. This will be canon fodder. It will make a semblance of democracy just like wht V Putin in Russia did when he allowed his Prime Minister to become President for a short while only to hand it back to him forever. Democracy will always be manipulated no matter how highly we think of it. Give me an obvious unabashed and open dictator and keep your pretenders. There is not a single party in Zambia which is headed by an democratically ELECTED President. 99% of the parties are headed by their founders. The PF is headed by a mob boss. UPND is headed by a tribal boss. Kaunda was never democratically elected leader of UNIP. It was handed to him by Chona and thereafter his hands were organically attached to UNIP. History, why do you keep…

  11. The Reverend of politics. Yes that is who he is. His Language is an embarrassment to the religious Reverends. Mr Kapya has no idea where to direct his asernal so he shoots dangerously everywhere. These are the people who are driving people from the word of God. They are feeding into the narrative of insults but still they continue on the outside to hypocriticaly wear the robes of religion, what a shame.

  12. KBF did not even insult one bit, his only offence was to tell the truth in a Christian nation that the current President was challenged and he was an alternative. What followed was expulsion from the party.

  13. Based on what the author is saying , Barak Obama contested against a frog when the Democratic party chose him to run for his second term.The same can be said about Ramaphosa of the ANC and Kenyatta of the Jubilee Party.
    The world is bigger than Zambia.Please read widely and educate yourselves


  15. When Obama or Trump decided to go for the second term were they challenged within their own parties? The answer is no. Americans call this the advantage of incumbency where they let their party leader who is also Republican President to run again unopposed so that they maintain their hold on power for two terms. In this way, they have an advantage as an incumbent President has the advantage of using the instruments of power to steer him to victory. it is in this vein that it makes no sense for the PF to suddenly drop ECL as their candidate and choose another person as the Presidential candidate less than 6 months before the election.


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