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President Lungu has commissions UNZA’s newly completed teaching and learning complex

Headlines President Lungu has commissions UNZA’s newly completed teaching and learning complex

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has commissioned UNZA’s newly completed teaching and learning complex housing two lecture theatres with a cumulative sitting capacity of 700 students.
“I am delighted to officiate at the Commissioning of the University of Zambia Teaching and Learning Complex. I am delighted because a project of this magnitude has been funded through internally generated resources,” he said.

President Lungu says the Complex has been built from revenue realized through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the University of Zambia and Graduare Properties Limited.

“I have been following very closely the execution of this project. My Government is encouraged by the effort that the University of Zambia has been making to improve its internal revenue generation capacity through this PPP,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State says Government is in a hurry to deliver development to the people and the education of citizens, in particular, is key in transforming the lives and livelihoods of our people.

He has since urged all who are in service in Government and those who want to do business with Government, to do so in public interest as this is the only way this nation will develop for the good of everyone.

“It is the desire of the Patriotic Front Government to ensure that all public universities continue to operate in a financially sustainable manner. To this effect, my Government will continue supporting all efforts by public universities to ensure that they achieve financial sustainability,” President Lungu said.

And the Head of State says he is aware that the University of Zambia, just like the other public universities, has been facing serious challenges in providing adequate accommodation for its students.

He says Government has not slackened in its effort to complete construction of student’s accommodation at all the public universities.

“But while government is making this effort, I direct the University of Zambia administration to do an inventory on people residing in university accommodation and whether all of them are students. Further, the university administration must investigate whether all the monies paid by students for accommodation reach the university accounts,” President Lungu said.

He says pure students should not be disadvantaged by non learners.

“I have been made to make this call because I have received disturbing reports that while genuine students, especially first years, are grappling with accommodation, many of them living in private homes, there are some former students still occupying university accommodation. I, also, have received reports that some students and even former students are renting out accommodation to students who have nowhere to stay. This cannot be allowed to continue. It must be stopped because it borders on criminality. Students are here to learn and not to become landlords. Accommodation belongs to the university and the administration should be the ones to allocate accommodation to students and receive accommodation fees,” President Lungu said.

The higher education sector must respond to the changing dynamics in education. I challenge the University of Zambia and other public universities to provide leadership in the transformation of the higher education sector within the focus areas of quality, relevance, access, participation, equity and inclusiveness,” He said.
The Republican President says he is desirous to see safe and secure tertiary education institutions.

“To this end, I am delighted to announce that through the road de-congestion project, government has provided Eleven Million Kwacha to fence off and secure the University of Zambia.

He has praised cooperating partners for the contributions they are making towards the advancement of education in Zambia.
“Please continue providing all the support and working with government because this is the only sure way we shall address the needs of our learners,” the President said.


  1. It was a great event which I watched via the president’s Fayce book page due to having other commitments. This will annoy the upnd diasporans. Choke to death with anger and jealousy you hyenas hahah

  2. Hi fellow bloggers, friends, family and enemies, I am thinking of writing my auto biography and I would like to get your input. Please comment below what you think about me or the fond memory you have of me.

    For example think of the amazing things that remind you of me. For example like when I saved a man’s life who was drowning in the kafue river after one of my boat parties. Or when I won the award for most handsome pupil during my secondary school

    Thanking you in advance.

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  3. Lungu’s President has never taken off and too be fair he has presided over wasted years for a number of reasons too numerous to mention.

  4. The Republican Presidency has been devalued. Opening of Class Rooms and Lecture Theatre should be left to the Vice Chancellor or Deputy Ministers. ECL is desperate to get any publicity wherever he can get it. ECL is dodging his main Hurdle to retain Power in August 2021. The issue is: ECL has been elected and sworn in twice and in terms of the Republican Constitution he is not entitled to a Third Term. Has Zambia Concourt assured ECL of a Third Term? This is illegal and unconstitutional. We are anxiously waiting 4 Concourt Ruling on Lungu’s Eligibility for a Third Term. This issue and rigged Elections will engulf Zambia into Chaos. God forbid!

  5. How about commissioning more student bursaries, student accommodation and means to ensure that students study on full stomachs? It’s an open secret that fewer students are financially supported, some clever but from poor families dropping out, four or even five students in one room and hence poorer educational quality outcomes. Yet, ECL is proud of continuously being present at every ‘structure’ unveiling without the required resource support. It’s the same with other educational institutions, health centres and social amenities – just buildings without a support for human development or quality of life.


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