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Police detain man for unlawful possession of firearm

General News Police detain man for unlawful possession of firearm

The Zambia Police Service in Rufunsa district have detained some suspects for unlawful possession of firearms, prohibited articles and suspected stolen motor vehicle.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said police intercepted and apprehended Bright Machona aged 39 of Mabvuto close in parklands Kitwe who was driving a Toyota corolla, registration number ABE 1000 which appeared to have a folded number plate.

Ms Katonga said the suspect was apprehended on Friday 18, 2021 around 05:00 hours near fresh air area in Rufunsa.

“when we searched, the suspect was found with a shotgun, an air gun, two Kenwood radios, two Motorola radios of which one is mounted on the same vehicle, a blue police coat, one black police helmet, one police bullet vest, a teargas canister and a green military vest,” she said.

She said it was discovered that the engine number on the vehicle he was driving did not match with particulars on the motor vehicle documents.

Ms Kaongo said that the suspect is further reported to have failed to produce documents pertaining to the firearms, motor vehicle and an Identity Card to substantiate his claims that he is a police reserve and that he runs a security company.

In another development Police in Mafinga District of Muchinga Province, are looking for three suspects identified as Jailos Kafunda, James Mutambo and one other unknown person in connection with the murder of Feckson Mutambo aged 59 of Kakusa Village who is also village headman Kakusa.

Ms Katongo alleged that the murder occurred on February 19, 2021 around 18:00 hours in Kakusa Village, Chief Chifungwe of Mafinga District.

“According to the wife of the victim, Feedless Nangogo aged 46, her husband was hacked to death by his two Young brothers Jailos Kafunda, and James Mutambo and one unknown person all of Kakusa village and he sustained three deep cuts in the head as an axe is alleged to have been used in the act,” She said.

Ms Katongo further said on February 19, 2021 around 18:00 hours, the victim was home with his wife Feedless Nangogo who was preparing a meal while their Son Maybin Mutambo aged 22 was in the house.

She said the wife narrated that when she went in the house to get mealie meal leaving the now victim alone and later the victim’s suspects begun beating him then hacked him in the head using an axe.

Ms Katonga said the wife and son who went to his rescue were overpowered and in the process the wife was assaulted and sustained a swollen left hand and the suspects later fled and left the victim in a pool of blood in unconscious state.

She said the victim died on the way to the local clinic and arrangements are being made to transport body to Isoka District Hospital for postmortem.

Ms Katongo said the reason behind the murder is that the victim was being suspected to be behind the death of a family member who died in June 2020.

All the suspects are currently on the run and a manhunt has been launched.


  1. In that area murders are very common and most aren’t even reported. The most common cause is suspicion of witchcraft. In Tendere area they kill each other like animals. The terrain is so bad that no vehicle gets there. The area can only be accessed by bicycle. People go to Malawi for supplies and medication. Most schools are run by volunteers and children don’t go beyond grade 7. MCS had promised to do the Isoka, Muyombe to Chama road to make life easier for the people. His successor doesn’t care, getting the Presidency was an opportunity for him to guzzle jemasoni. Now that elections are near he wants to pretend to be working. I doubt if he’ll get a vote that side, not even Nawakwi or Namugala will convince the people. They’re fed up with mediocre leadership. Chief Tendere deals…

  2. Meanwhile PF cadres are not afraid to brandish their dangerous firearms in broad daylight while the police turn a blind eye

  3. It has started again . As usual close to election time, upnd begin arming themselves to cause trouble for our peace. Remember no one man is bigger than Zambia. Ba police continue arresting these upnd thugs and I have given you the right to beat them up. Next we need to arrest their f00lish leader. This time we went pardon the f00l

  4. So you are telling us you found a suspect with firearms and Police equipment in an area where there is a Police training camp and you dont suspect your own officers .
    Lastly if ZP want to change its image they should get rid of this obese woman …she is the face of ZP!!

  5. This is what happens when defense wings turn a blind eye to civilians who have never been to military academy start calling themselves and giving each other military titles such as commander, we expect the police and army to follow up people with such titles and find out which troops are they commanding and for what.

  6. Detain those dishing out suspicious money to churches and marketeers. ECZ must take note of this behavior where all of sudden Zambia has manna

  7. Please detain politicians giving huge donations of money meant to hood wink the electorate , squeeze them to reveal sources of the money, then arrest


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