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Single Mother in jail for stealing to feed children

General News Single Mother in jail for stealing to feed children

A 36-year-old woman of Vusi village in Chief Mishoro’s area , Kasenengwa district has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour after pleading guilty to obtaining money by false pretense.

During the trial, the court heard that Ms Miriam Zulu swindled more than K4, 000 by pretending that she had fertilizer for sale.Facts of the case given before Magistrate Moses Phiri, are that Mrs Zulu on unknown dates in October 2020 around 14:00 hours heard the complainant Elizabeth Zulu of unknown age and also a resident of Vusi village talking to a friend about wanting to buy bags of fertilizer.

The court further, heard that Zulu who was at the market buying fritters overheard their conversation and joined in saying she had two bags of fertilizer for sale and the accused was immediately given K700 for the two bags.It was also disclosed before the court, that Zulu went back to the complainant again informing her that there was someone in the village selling four bags of fertilizer and she was given K1, 400 and later K700.The court heard that in total, Zulu received K4, 150 for the false fertilizer transaction.After failure to deliver the fertilizer which was already paid for, Zulu started playing hide and seek until she was reported to the police after which she was arrested on February 10, 2021.

In mitigation, Zulu pleaded with the court to exercise leniency on her as she was a single mother taking care of orphaned children.

“Your honour, I am guilty as charged, please pardon me. I just wanted to provide for my orphaned children. I have no husband and as I speak to you my children are on their own, “she said.

Passing judgement, Magistrate Phiri castigated Zulu for conducting herself in such a manner and went ahead to continue stealing money from the same person despite knowing that what she was doing was a criminal act.

“The court has heard you but justice must prevail because what you did has affected the life of the complainant. The court has also heard that you are the first offender, I therefore, sentence you to nine months imprisonment. I hope this will give you time to reflect on your wrong doing and reform, “he said.


  1. That is one heartless judge!! What kind of Justice is this! Those who have plunged the country into such poverty levels are not held responsible but the poor woman who is trying to feed her children is imprisoned!! Don’t we have Community Service as punishments instead of filling our prisons unnecessarily!!

  2. Indeed a heartless judge. Mukula cartel are roaming the streets of Lsk while this lady who cld have been fined, goes for 9months. Who can find a JUST judge in this land?


  4. Sad as it maybe, the lady is guilty and she must be punished. I sympathise with her and the plight of the children she has left behind, surely she knew the consequences of her deeds. She is not disabled or impaired and she could have found legit or decent means to provide for her family. It is still wrong to steal in the name of hunger or poverty period!

  5. She didn’t have to use crooked means just because she wanted to feed her children.we have a lot of honest women who struggle but they still maintain integrity. Let her serve her time in jail

  6. I am sorry for the kids.
    Instead of ECL supporting these people who are in need, he is busy wasting money distributing bicycles in order to buy votes.
    Look at these known PF Vuvuzelas commenting above, no sympathy for the kids that are impacted, to them the lady should “face her demons”. Yet you have many who steal or swindle in millions of kwachas and are still on the run. But a poor woman trying to make ends meet for her children gets locked up.
    In no way do I condone stealing, but one part of me, I feel for her, we are talking about 184 USD. The question is, what is the impact on those orphanage kids? Did the court take that into account?

  7. General k, whether its 148 or 2 million dollars, theft is theft. It shows us that the upnd are criminal minded. You cannot trust such with governance because they will apply justice selectively. F00lish under 5s

  8. This poor lady upon her own admission deserved at least suspended sentence, here were politically connected pipo are rooting the treasury through dubious supply contracts and are getting away with it because they have the money and can afford the services of the best lawyers. Why can’t those donating here and there help her with legal fees to appeal her conviction its still within required legal time frame. Where are our political heavy weights thats a vote going to waste she wont vote in prison where she did not register. Ba PF and UPND come to the aid of this voter.

  9. The value of Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone was US$26Million at the time of privatization.Some person decided to sell the Hotel to himself and partners at US$5million thereby clearly stealing $21million worth of a Hotel.Todate the individual is happily walking the streets of Zambia as if nothing criminally serious has ever happened.Zambia for you

  10. *****s who have stolen and plundered the nation are busy enjoying, campaigning again and some even becoming self appointed Govt. and PARTY spokesmen. God will judge you for your sins. And time will tell, you will not live forever. Even your private jets will cease to fly. Bapompwe!!!!

  11. I see the picture of these kids and then I see the pictures of how those leading the country even have the guts to say “do yu no me?” Do yu no hu ayam?” and my heart just breaks!. If she could, she probably would get a job.

  12. Justice seems to have been swift in this matter.

    This woman is a thief and her excuses are lame. With the first 700 Kwacha, she could have fed her kids. In fact, she probably already had money as she was at the market.

    I just pray the kids are cared for well while she is in prison reflecting on her mistakes.

    I also pray justice will be very swift after August on all those that have plundered our mukula, gold, wild life, and tax payers money.

    And also the gassers, that Lungu seems to have forgotten about. And those that started market fires country wide.

    Justice is coming for you ba makaka.


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