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Police’s action to raid our home villages traumatized us-HH relatives

General News Police’s action to raid our home villages traumatized us-HH relatives

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s wife’s family members in Shibuyunji District have disclosed that they are traumatized by the Police’s action to raid their home villages.
Jones Mpolobe who is Mutinta Hichilema’s cousin stated to the Media that Police arrived at his home village around 05:00 hours demanded to search for imaginary weapons in his house, surroundings, and maize fields.

He adds that the Police produced a search warrant which they said was authorized by the Lusaka High Court to search for unknown weapons.

But addressing his wife’s family members in the District this afternoon, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema stated that the conduct by the PF leadership was uncalled for adding that he is preoccupied with finding solutions to the numerous problems the country is facing as opposed to acquiring weapons which are of no value in the fight against economic challenges.

The UPND President was accompanied to Shibuyunji District by the leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu, Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta, Mwembezhi Member of Parliament Jamba Machila, Former Mwembezhi Member of Parliament Austin Milambo, party National Management Committee members among others.

A team of Police officers headed by one Rodrick Mwale from Lusaka force headquarters yesterday raided Mpolobe village in Shibuyunji District and searched Mutinta Hichilema’s cousin’s village homes in search of weapons alleged to be belonging to the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

The Police did not find any weapons as the exercise was in futility but are said to have coerced Hakainde Hichilema’s wife’s family members to write a statement that they were not threatened during the brutal search.


  1. No Zambian should undergo what these people went through. The levels of lawlessness by the Police under the PF can’t be tolerated. Surely there must be dome kind of recourse for the victims. This kind of impunity can’t go unpunished. The State must also be accountable at all times. We removed UNIP from government because of similar actions. Justice can’t wait until there’s a change of government. These excesses are very annoying.

  2. The police first denied ever undertaking the operation. Whn the public started attributing the operation to a parallel and illegal police unit within the PF, that’s whn Esther Katongo was shamelessly ordered to confirm it.


  4. The police think Zambians will just swallow their actions and “explained justifications” without further questions being asked? That’s why the police incompetence is being exposed because Zambians have become more enlightened and are seemingly two and more steps ahead of the police in accessing information on personal rights and application of the law on their being.

  5. PF are just creating enemies for themselves. I have heard so many die hard cadres comment otherwise. Could there be upnd cadres stage managing these acts to the detriment of pf success. Surely the opposition has a hand (intelligent strategic winning formula)

  6. Does it mean if one has a different political view from yours, then you have to hate everything associated to him or her?

  7. Desperation in any situation leads to doing all sorts of wrong things and this witch hunt on HH and those close to him will continue for some time or it will be done from time to time and the police professionalism is compromised by the PF leadership in the quest to remain in power will result some officers who will try to behave in a professional manner will end up being fired. And listening to Esther Katongoz tone in a phone radio on 97.7 , the PR person was getting emotional in the end diluting her role for doing damage control. To our friends in public service we urge you to do the right because there is no place to sweep matters of public under the carpet as it will soon be uncovered in the cleaning process. Time of hiding matters under the carpet went with UNIP govt. Do the right…

  8. This phone in program was on FM87.7 her response exposed a lot uncoordination. Any way a lot of things are forced down her throat nd she has no way out.

  9. A weak President is a DANGEROUS President. A scared President is even more dangerous. Zambians, brace for more brutality. Ugandans have a strong man as President but we have a weakling who wants to show strength and this is going to be worse than Uganda. If Lungu can sonta where he worked, why not just sit back and relax and tell the Zambian people, ‘Look at what I have done. It is up to you to let me continue or not.’ But the reality is that Lungu and his minions fear prison and want to drag Zambia down with them. Like a jilted jealous husband, they are saying, ‘If I cannot have you, no one will.’ Lungu is on a destructive path for Zambia and he must be stopped.

  10. In fact we hear that the police were traumatised by the poverty they found there such that they started crying for these poor people. How can hh who claims to be rich self made billionaire fail to develop his in laws village. Mutinta hichilems deserves better. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he still owes lobola. Wakaso uyu hh

  11. Why is HH involving himself in this? Did the police mention they were looking for him or his hidden weapons? This matter is between the Police and this guy John Mpolobe. Let the police do their work. At this stage HH has nothing to do with this. Why is he getting jittery?

  12. When malice is in the forefront, the end result shows. Spending tax payers money to go and dig trenches in Shibuyunji, finding nothing and just ending up causing soil erosion. Who ever gave this false intelligence in the police must be fired including the one who gave the order and the ones who executed it.

  13. A search was conducted in a Chimbwi No Plan style. When bad governance become the order of the day even shadows become weapon of mass destruction

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